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Greek 2 Chic: Centaurs

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Urban Takeout is still in the development stage of our “Century” line. As always, peep some of these items from around the web that you can flip into your personal collection:

Nike Air Max ’95. Voted one of America’s favorite shoes (for sneakerheads of course). They are almost as classic as all white K-Swiss, Air Force Ones, Chucks, or J’s. Color combination is CRAAAZY though!

The Revolver Watch by Nixon. CLEEEAN! If I could whistle…..maaan. The key word here is VERSATILITY. You could rock this timepiece in almost any setting.

Gucci Bamboo Horsebit Moccasins. Uh yeeeeah….this one is for brothas who’s pockets aren’t touchin. Well-made, high quality, and beyond appropriate (loafers in the summer with no socks, GQ casual look).

THE AIR YEEZY’S (tan/neutral) by NIKE. This is probably the most exclusive sneaker out right now. He rocks them in concert! PLUS, these joints GLOW IN THE DAMN DARK.

The Elk Fish Tee by Artful Dodger. Different, eye-catching, and a good compliment piece.

The Spring to Summer then Fall Overshirt by LRG. This piece is DOPE! Again, VERSATILITY. Dress it up or down, rock with ya Willy Wonka’s (loafers) or your sneakers. The seersucker is what turns this piece from regular overshirt to fashionable garment.


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June 16, 2008 at 10:22 pm

Greek 2 Chic: Poodles

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Check out these styles from around the web:

Mesh Ballet Flats by Giuseppe Zanotti. Very hot for the summer. Plus these joints cost a pretty penny so you know alot of folks not gonna be up on them.

The Brazil Track Top by Adidas. CLASSIC!!!

San Diego Chargers Shades by Trainspotter. These stunna shades go! I appreciate the retro style — although I know none of the 1980 Chargers own a pair.

Embossed Shoulder Bag by Banana Republic. Stylish, well-priced, and heavy on the details.

The Delerium Blouse by NYC Boutique. I feel like Prince made this style popular in Purple Rain lol. Nevertheless, lightweight and fresh is the way to go this summer.

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June 11, 2008 at 1:08 am

Greek 2 Chic: Rabbits

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Gentleman’s Klub is ALSO gettin ready to take flight. DON’T SLEEP!! As usual though, we felt the need to throw some stuff from the net at you, get your minds in the right place:

The CS Chicago Tee by Dissizit!.This joint has a real vintage feel to it, and I can appreciate the message. BULLS were the TRUTH in the ’95-’96 season.

The Banks Watch by Nixon. Time pieces are probably the most under-appreciated accessory. This joint has just enough red to kick up the entire piece! Good look.

The Stroll Hat by Brixton. AGAIN, it’s ALLLLL about the details (peep the feather). Brixton has some pretty ill fedoras and stingy brim hats too, european flair full speed.

I threw in one hat, now, time for one kap (yes, I know that was corny). The Interlock C New Era Cap by Crooks & Castles (that’s that stuff Hov rocks, for those who don’t know).

The Warmup Windbreaker by OBEY. They are doing it real big right now! OBEY has urban fashion on lock, AND they make some great gear for skaters. Rockstar mentality.

In my humble opinion….THIS IS THE HOTTEST SNEAKER OUT RIGHT NOW. The Muska Skytop by Supra. This is beyond iPod white…this is like Zack Morris white….James Dean’s t-shirt white. It almost feels as though these shoes fell off an angels feet.

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June 10, 2008 at 6:52 am

The Urban Graduate [journal]

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Dear Journal,

The thought came across my mind today…Why are students SO innovative? I think it’s because we have the least amount of resources to work with! We acquire things in pieces and fragments, rarely in bulk (unless you’re talking about Ramen noodles). Our favorite game….MIX N’ MATCH!! Old with new, somebody else’s with our own, Goodwill with Name Brand Store bought….whatever it takes to create that fresh look. Every student has MADE something work…that was either broken, too long, too short, too big, too small, faded, or even just plain beat up. In fact, I feel like alot of the major trends ARE STARTED BY STUDENTS! (i.e. slim ties, ties as belts, vintage clothes, slogan/novelty t-shirts, flats/keds/chinese shoes, huge belts, gloves with the fingers cut off, skinny jeans….need i say more?). There’s something about being a student that says….I KNOW I’M BROKE, BUT I’M INDEPENDENT — Let ME decide what style is.


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June 10, 2008 at 6:15 am

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Greek 2 Chic: Doves

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Be on the look out for Sig.nature, the UT line coming this fall! BUT, we didn’t leave you hangin’ on the style pointers. Peep these items out, incorporate them into your gear and step it up this summer:

I always appreciate LRG for keeping a distinct style.

Jack Purcell Classics by Converse. THESE ARE DOPE! Vintage look, classic texture, definitely a more mature summer sneaker.

The We Run Texas Tee by Once Upon A Time in NY. I know this joint is speaking DIRECTLY to a few kats out there! Get ya apparel game right.

The Rocco Denim by One People Project. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS.

The Grandpa Cardigan by One People Project. Understand that you can have a new style and an old soul! Please, peep the embroidery. I ain’t even gonna say details anymore….I’mma just say, punctilio (GRE word for that a**).

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June 10, 2008 at 5:46 am

Greek 2 Chic: More Duck Tales

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Found a few more pieces that may be inspirational to some (I know that the Urban Takeout design team has been).

Poppies Tote Bag by NICE Clothing. Now, I’m kinda salty because UT freaked this concept in our Pop Trunks Summer ’08 collection…hint hint. Guess you just gotta wait a few more weeks to see the sketches.

Harajuku does it again! They love these joints overseas.

Red Gingham Panties by Odd Molly. Yo, I can’t even lie. If wifey came into the house with these on…..I’d be like Usher right about now (completely locked down and whipped).

Nat-2 said forget the Kanye Stunnas, we got the best of both worlds! Germany is killin’ the game with these.

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June 10, 2008 at 5:12 am

Greek 2 Chic: Frogs

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Urban Takeout has been showed ALOT of love in the past. The “Pretty” Polos were a big hit all last year (and STILL are the hottest on the yard)!! We’ve been developing “Ivy League“, the latest line for this upcoming fall. In the meantime and in between time, peep these fashion items you can grab around the web:

The Pink Chateau Roundtoe Shoe by Sugar (Karmaloop.com). Very fly! Peep the inside of the shoe.

The Mirror Mirror Pendant by Disney Couture. It’s all about the DETAILS!!!

Dolores Buckle by Presh. Talk about something that NOBODY will have…(this is it).

Premier Canvas Shopper by Juicy Couture. Ladies…….I know how much yall love bags (since I’m always hearing about how yall can’t come kick it unless the damn bag matches the outfit). This joint has just enough color to set that OFF! Jump on that and quit playin games.

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June 10, 2008 at 4:51 am