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The Urban Graduate [satchels]

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As an Urban Graduate, there are 5 ESSENTIAL BAGS to have. No, I’m not talking about purses or manbags, I’m talking about REAL carry-alls. Pay close attention as we run down the list:

1. Classic Backpack: Whether you’re still a student, or just a student of life — a traditional backpack is always necessary. Stay away from bulky bags (since the stuff you put in your bag will create the bulk), and always opt for comfortable straps. Jansport and Northface are good brands to go with.

2. Messenger/Shoulder Bag: These are considered the mature alternative to the backpack. Favored in urban environments, the messenger/shoulder bag should be simple, vertical or horizontal. Leather (Wilson’s Leather, Banana Republic) or polyester/nylon (Timbuk2, Manhattan Portage) will do the trick.

3. Laptop bag/case: Although both the backpack and messenger bag are capable of storing a laptop, the laptop bag is NECESSARY. I mean, I bet a Phillips screwdriver fits inside a bunch of containers, but we put it in a TOOLBOX for a reason. Slimmer, sleeker — this bag should complement the tool inside. Targus, Knomo, Ro Tuck, and Composition are my choice brands.

4. Briefcase: The Briefcase is seen as an international symbol of business integrity. As you transition, be sure to add this item into your repertoire. There are sooo many rules for briefcases; just remember the basics – black or brown leather, straps & buckles or locks, not bulky. Most of all, the case should match the person. Wilson’s Leather is where price meets quality; if you’ve got the bucks — Go T. Anthony LTD.

5. Travel/Duffle bag: Finally, your all purpose bag. Good for the gym, or for leisure travel. Canvas is good for the summer, whereas leather and polyester/nylon are better for varying climates. PLEEASEE do away with the “I played Soccer/Basketball/Football” – equipment bags! Stick to clean, logo-minimalist bags (unless you’re being sponsored by NIKE, of course). Quality first, H&M or J. Crew on the lower end, and for the higher(-est) end, Goyard.

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July 30, 2008 at 7:22 pm

The smARTORIALIST: Billie Holiday

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BLUE is the new hue this upcoming Fall season.  If the end of the summer has got you down don’t feel bad, now you can wear your feelings not only on your sleeve but all over.  Shades of blue are popping up all over the runway this season.  

Oh, and ladies…I saved the best for last.  Check these out and imagine them on your feet.  Better yet imagine the response you would get from others just by having these on your feet!

These shoes are very artistic and show that some designers at CHLOE are still in it for the love of the art, and not just riding off of a name.  These “be-yutes” are from the new CHLOE 2008 Fall line.  Chloe may be on to something and so should all you young female Urban Graduates who pride yourselves on your shoe game.  Don’t say the Smartorialist didn’t warn ya.

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July 24, 2008 at 3:34 am

Greek 2 Chic: I Got Sole

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Ok, so this time, UTØ decided to go crazy and locate ten of the HOTTEST kicks you can own. The kicks shown in these pictures WILL make a statement, they don’t need any help from t-shirts with greek letters on them, no line jackets or anything else. JUST THE SOLES. So, without further adieu’, we present 10 Pics…10 kicks:

POODLES…..here they are. SB Dunk Hi (Marge Simpson Ed.) by NIKE. I always think SB Dunks look tough on a female, esp. if they wear those lil sizes. You can rock these to run errands, or to the next greek picnic, and STILL be crushin the game. As of now, these are only available in Asia, so Ebay needs to be your friend.

ELEPHANTS….This shoe is about to change the whole playing field. The Hi Road Sneaker by Blowfish is reaaally not a sneaker. It’s actually…well, I don’t know. What I DO know is that celebs have been spotted rocking these from NY to LA. These are slated to be as big as, or bigger than Ugg boots. Getcha gear up!

CATS……they did it again. Creative Recreation, the unique SoCal shoe company that has been blowing up these last few years, released this CRAAAAZY color combo. This Cesario Hi is ONLY available in women’s sizes. Everyone should have a creative rec shoe (Bleyz and I been on them since….’05), but this color…was made just for you.

FROGS….shut’em down. Cesario Lo by Creative Recreation. There are two distinct things about these sneakers that I respect. 1) Too many shoes use hot pink incorrectly — these, do it WELL. 2) Lo tops are really fresh, but most are either too bulky or too narrow — these are just right. Definitely a dress down shoe, but is exclusive enough to turn heads. Kick Game Proper!

APES…go bananas over these joints. Terminator High Supreme by NIKE. This is one of those special/rare moments, when you say to yourself, “God…Thank you.” I feel like these are the most simple, classic, elegant– yet still take a dump on everybody elses shoe game– footwear of the year. If Stuntin’ is a habit….you need to put these in your routine.

DOVES….you already know. Air Max Light by NIKE. Anyone who knows anything about sneakers will tell you that Air Maxs are classic (vintage fresh). This particular model is just…sick. Like typhoid, hay fever, and flu all in one. Color is key with Air Maxs, the more unique the combo, the doper the shoe (in this case, white/medium grey/ and laser blue is sooooo disrespectful to the haters). Re-up on those.

DOVES…I had to go in one more time — These one’s go out to my dudes at Chi (Dennis whatup!) These joints are a beautiful exclusive collaboration between Lanvin + ACNE. Lanvin is known for hi tops, ACNE is known for denim; put’em together and you’ve just cross-bred a denim hi top that SHAT on all other denim kicks.

RABBITS….alright, I’mma bring’em back. The Muska Skytop!!!! by SUPRA. I posted the cocaina version back in June (white on white for the slowpokes). Supra must’ve read yall minds….cuz they went and detailed them joints with CRIMSON. I feel like these shoes separate the boys from the nupes men (can’t say that cuz of legalities, but you catch my drift). Grab these.

CENTAURS…APES…DOGS….these can be what you make of them. SUPRA, yes, them again. All I have to say is, the shoe is ridiculous. The contours, the color, and the strap are all well-placed. But the damn shoe is just so raw — I don’t even know the name of it. I just got the email and said, HELL YES.

DOGS….straight nasty. The Muska Skytop by SUPRA (alright, last time, ever). BUT, the thing that makes this so ill is the whole shoe is suede. Peep the sole….1cm purple stripes….nasty. I’m convinced that everyone needs to be a fan of this shoe model. Hell, JAY-Z rocked them in several concerts. Basically, understand that this IS the trillest sneaker in the game (right now). Respond accordingly.

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July 15, 2008 at 6:25 pm

Greek 2 Chic: Family Ties

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There’s always an opportunity to wear a tie. Formal or informal, casual or cosmopolitan, ties are an integral part of pulling off a look. Apes, Rabbits, Dogs, and Doves…pay close attention as we run down some Ralph Lauren ties that you’re wardrobe is asking for:

1. Heirloom Clubs Silk Tie – Classic and versatile (easily goes from casual, to classroom, to office); 2. Silk Knit Tie (Black Label) – SOPHISTICATED and very trendy! This is what I call the hit or miss tie — you either do it right, or you miss the point completely (no pun intended). But when it’s worn properly….absolutely flawless.

1. English Repp Solid Tie – Bright solid ties command attention, they become the centerpiece of a good outfit; 2. Heraldic Clubs Bow Tie – Dope. From the green accents to the detail embroidery work. Definitely adds an English feel to your attire.

1. The Polo Players Tie – Yo, this joint is SICK. I appreciate the details with the polo man pattern. Eye-catching, but not overkill; 2. Savile Row Spots Tie – THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE COSMOPOLITAN FUN! Great tonal quality, the dots make the tie playful, but not goofy. AND, it still retains a refined look.

1. English Repp Stripes Tie – This is probably my favorite tie up here. It’s clean, crisp. The wide stripes is what makes this tie cool (like Billy Dee cool). Easy to mix with khaki, navy, blazers, summer suit, even linen. It; 2. Pin Dot Tie – Regal (as pin dots should be). A nice way to show flair at a formal event. Most people opt for the black with pin dots, but the blue can show off your personality. AND, it grabs attention.

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July 11, 2008 at 9:05 pm

The smARTORIALIST: Summer Nights

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I know with the increase of global warming the earth isn’t getting any cooler, but when the sun goes down there is still some relief.  So here is my suggestion for the Urban Graduate on those cool summer nights…try a light sweater; a light sweater that is both breathable and colorful.  The colors express the season and allow you to stand out at night.

This is the lightweight silk/cashmere blend v-neck sweater from Banana Republic.  Purple is my favorite color because it is the color of royalty.  Plus a purple top goes well with dark jeans or some light chinos.

                                                                        Banana Republic also offers the cotton/cashmere tipped crewneck sweater.  These come in more richer colors that than the v-necks.  Good fashion is subtle that is why these sweaters have color-tipped sleeves for an innovative look that makes these different from traditional crewneck sweaters.  You can rock these sweaters with some neutral-colored kicks, some Jack Purcell’s, Sperry’s, or some driving moccasins.  So when you want to look FLY AFTER FIVE, grab something lightweight and knit.  

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July 7, 2008 at 11:11 pm

The Urban Graduate [fashion.4a.cause]

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In college, there was a guy whom we (students) affectionately knew as “T-SHIRT MAN”. His government name….unknown; His aliases…. “Shirt Man”, “Man with the shirts”, and “Dude sellin’ them shirts”. Although I never knew more than his face, and his palm (in which I placed my $5 or $10), he revolutionized my freshman year wardrobe, LITERALLY. The shirts he sold weren’t even shirts — they were actually more like Fabric Billboards, depicting images of black culture and heritage. Sometimes there was text to accompany the pictures, i.e. The 1968 Olympics (the picture was of John Carlos and Tommie Smith, raising their fists on the podium); other times, there was an entire paragraph, i.e. the bleak history of the word/event “Freaknic”. On the campus, these shirts became infectiously popular like Magic the Gathering Trading Cards and Pokemon, each week asking T-shirt man, “Whatchu got that’s new? I’m lookin for the new joints.” We’d walk around campus advertising for change, consciously and subconsciously.

See, as Urban Graduates, anything we wear becomes a trend, a fashion statement, and a movement. We can dictate anything from politics to sports, all with a simple slogan and a picture across our chests. And it only takes a classroom-full of us to wear the same shirt — we’ll make the 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and the 8 o’clock news, not to mention, the local newspaper. But with that power, also comes great social responsibility. Make an effort to know about what you put on and why you put it on.

Shirts (at top, clockwise from the top left): The Unity Tee by One People Project. The Ba-RockSmith Tee by RockSmith. The Defense T-shirt by Hellz Bellz. The Hope T-shirt by OBEY.

Shirts (at bottom, L – R): The Republicans are Old and Wack Tee by Sons of Liberty. The Brother Tee by One People Project.

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July 3, 2008 at 8:18 pm

Greek 2 Chic: Femme Fly

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It’s JULY, and there are a bunch of frogs out there who are celebrating their birthday this month (well…technically, it’s a belated birthday extravaganza). UTO figured we’d toss a few looks at you for good measure. Wings anyone??:

The Skerry Rainboot by Tretorn. Ok….somebody needs to sound the alarms cuz these joints are CRAAAAZY. Rainboots are thought to be an accessory that people with high fashion IQs invest in. But the folks at Tretorn just decided to go bonkers on the concept and presented these. Pay attention to the insulation (faux fur, good for rain and snow activity), then….appreciate the mid-calf height. Last but not least….the color combinations. Wifey, if your reading…..grab those and meet me in Boston.

The Ghetto Blaster Tote Bag by Loop Design. MAAAAAAAAAAAN! This is the official ATTENTION GRABBER of the summer. 1) It’s a tote bag, which is pretty much necessary for beach/picnic chillin. Spacious, hell a lil dog can even fit inside. 2) The color selection is impeccable. If you got this thrown over your shoulder, all you need is a basic white top, some nice shorts, and some color basic sneaks i.e. chucks, vans, maybe creative recs. 3) THE DAMN THING HAS SPEAKERS!!!! Look close at the middle picture. It’s got an iPod jack on the inside, so you really can get it poppin once the jaws stop droppin, ya dig?!

The Pencil Case II by Tokidoki + Hello Kitty. Collaborations are always dope. Two of the most popular designers collided on this joint and created a subtle masterpiece. Now, most people forgot about these things we call “pencil cases”, but they actually are a good idea. I mean, not many people can say that their swag EXTENDS into the classroom.  Summer school is in session….get ya gear and ya grades up.

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July 3, 2008 at 7:30 pm

Greek 2 Chic: i.luv.ur.gurl

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You know how guys like supportive women? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do! Some call it team spirit, others call it marking their territory– either way, when ladies rock an outfit that screams “That is MY man, HANDS OFF!”, it makes us erupt. The haters get jealous, the homies give respect, and point blank….IT’S SEXY as hell. Quietly…. in the most manly, Barry White-esque internal voice….we’re sayin, “Aww, that’s sweeeeet”. This post is dedicated to yall. Here are some looks for the ladies who wanna rep with their guy (the ape, dog, centaur, or rabbit):

The Gilda Gladiator Sandal by Sam Edelman. The MUST HAVE item of the summer, gladiator-style sandals are a good look for women. But peep the color accents…PUNCTILIO!

The Enamel Stud Bangle by AV Max Jewelry. Accessories that actually have symbolism are very unique. Cop that!

The Glasses Tee by Public Domain. STUNNA SHADES GO!! — even on a tee-shirt. This is a clever way to support, plus you look fresh as ’85.

Wifey Material 2 by Two In the Shirt. This is probably one of the most controversial, AND most popular tees out right now. The one shown here is a men’s shirt, but I’ve seen women rocking the size small. I feel like these women exist (not necessarily MY wifey, but to each his own)….soo…why not rock the shirt.

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July 3, 2008 at 6:55 pm