The smARTORIALIST: Summer Nights

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I know with the increase of global warming the earth isn’t getting any cooler, but when the sun goes down there is still some relief.  So here is my suggestion for the Urban Graduate on those cool summer nights…try a light sweater; a light sweater that is both breathable and colorful.  The colors express the season and allow you to stand out at night.

This is the lightweight silk/cashmere blend v-neck sweater from Banana Republic.  Purple is my favorite color because it is the color of royalty.  Plus a purple top goes well with dark jeans or some light chinos.

                                                                        Banana Republic also offers the cotton/cashmere tipped crewneck sweater.  These come in more richer colors that than the v-necks.  Good fashion is subtle that is why these sweaters have color-tipped sleeves for an innovative look that makes these different from traditional crewneck sweaters.  You can rock these sweaters with some neutral-colored kicks, some Jack Purcell’s, Sperry’s, or some driving moccasins.  So when you want to look FLY AFTER FIVE, grab something lightweight and knit.  


Written by great8productions

July 7, 2008 at 11:11 pm

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