Greek 2 Chic: Family Ties

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There’s always an opportunity to wear a tie. Formal or informal, casual or cosmopolitan, ties are an integral part of pulling off a look. Apes, Rabbits, Dogs, and Doves…pay close attention as we run down some Ralph Lauren ties that you’re wardrobe is asking for:

1. Heirloom Clubs Silk Tie – Classic and versatile (easily goes from casual, to classroom, to office); 2. Silk Knit Tie (Black Label) – SOPHISTICATED and very trendy! This is what I call the hit or miss tie — you either do it right, or you miss the point completely (no pun intended). But when it’s worn properly….absolutely flawless.

1. English Repp Solid Tie – Bright solid ties command attention, they become the centerpiece of a good outfit; 2. Heraldic Clubs Bow Tie – Dope. From the green accents to the detail embroidery work. Definitely adds an English feel to your attire.

1. The Polo Players Tie – Yo, this joint is SICK. I appreciate the details with the polo man pattern. Eye-catching, but not overkill; 2. Savile Row Spots Tie – THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE COSMOPOLITAN FUN! Great tonal quality, the dots make the tie playful, but not goofy. AND, it still retains a refined look.

1. English Repp Stripes Tie – This is probably my favorite tie up here. It’s clean, crisp. The wide stripes is what makes this tie cool (like Billy Dee cool). Easy to mix with khaki, navy, blazers, summer suit, even linen. It; 2. Pin Dot Tie – Regal (as pin dots should be). A nice way to show flair at a formal event. Most people opt for the black with pin dots, but the blue can show off your personality. AND, it grabs attention.


Written by great8productions

July 11, 2008 at 9:05 pm

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