The Urban Graduate [satchels]

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As an Urban Graduate, there are 5 ESSENTIAL BAGS to have. No, I’m not talking about purses or manbags, I’m talking about REAL carry-alls. Pay close attention as we run down the list:

1. Classic Backpack: Whether you’re still a student, or just a student of life — a traditional backpack is always necessary. Stay away from bulky bags (since the stuff you put in your bag will create the bulk), and always opt for comfortable straps. Jansport and Northface are good brands to go with.

2. Messenger/Shoulder Bag: These are considered the mature alternative to the backpack. Favored in urban environments, the messenger/shoulder bag should be simple, vertical or horizontal. Leather (Wilson’s Leather, Banana Republic) or polyester/nylon (Timbuk2, Manhattan Portage) will do the trick.

3. Laptop bag/case: Although both the backpack and messenger bag are capable of storing a laptop, the laptop bag is NECESSARY. I mean, I bet a Phillips screwdriver fits inside a bunch of containers, but we put it in a TOOLBOX for a reason. Slimmer, sleeker — this bag should complement the tool inside. Targus, Knomo, Ro Tuck, and Composition are my choice brands.

4. Briefcase: The Briefcase is seen as an international symbol of business integrity. As you transition, be sure to add this item into your repertoire. There are sooo many rules for briefcases; just remember the basics – black or brown leather, straps & buckles or locks, not bulky. Most of all, the case should match the person. Wilson’s Leather is where price meets quality; if you’ve got the bucks — Go T. Anthony LTD.

5. Travel/Duffle bag: Finally, your all purpose bag. Good for the gym, or for leisure travel. Canvas is good for the summer, whereas leather and polyester/nylon are better for varying climates. PLEEASEE do away with the “I played Soccer/Basketball/Football” – equipment bags! Stick to clean, logo-minimalist bags (unless you’re being sponsored by NIKE, of course). Quality first, H&M or J. Crew on the lower end, and for the higher(-est) end, Goyard.


Written by great8productions

July 30, 2008 at 7:22 pm

2 Responses

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  1. nice info, thanks for the walk through of a somewhat esoteric category


    August 22, 2008 at 11:02 pm

  2. *sigh* probably years too late, but I love, love, love the second bag down. Can you tell me the label? style?



    April 22, 2010 at 6:14 am

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