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Greek 2 Chic: Gray’s Anatomy

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What’s good, we are in, what I like to call, “Homecoming Season”. It just so happens to coincide with the Fall. Shouts to the AUC, and Howard (heard yall homecoming was live — but it don’t have sh*t on Morehouse’s). I digress, FALL fashion and HOMECOMING fashion rarely meet. They are literally, Black and White. Well, UTØ is about to introduce to you, the gray area. In other words, shades of gray are always Fall favorites, but we’ll show you some pieces you can incorporate into your homecoming swag:

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October 22, 2008 at 7:11 pm

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Get Familiar: Vegan Fashion…Peacoats

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URBAN GRADUETTES, this post is for yall this Fall season. I know that you ladies love to see a man in a nice fitting peacoat; it gives him that distinguished, metropolitan look. Yet, it still allows him to be playful with his choice of jeans and shoes. But it seems that women’s peacoats are getting more attention this Fall. The average peacoat is over $100 dollars, but under that $200 dollar mark, but if you want something different from the navy, dark gray, or black variations then you might have to shell out a little bit more. So instead of going on and on, I’m just gonna let the JPEGs speak for themselves…

Darlita Trench Coat [blue], $88

Darlita Trench Coat, $88

Andrew Marc Black Wool Short Peacoat, $219

Banana Republic Petite Wool-blend Peacoat, $198

*This brown is little more refined, but this peacoat also comes in “squaw berry”*

LAmixx Women's Pinstripe Peacoat, $78

Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacoat, $398

Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacoat, $398

*Updated peacoat design sans the double-breast*

J.Crew Classic Peacoat

J.Crew Classic Peacoat, $225

*This peacoat comes in an assortment of colors…check out the website*

Calvin Klein Peacoat, $199.99

Calvin Klein Peacoat, $199.99

[ALSO, check out Uniqlo and GAP for their take on the woman’s peacoat.]

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October 22, 2008 at 6:22 pm

Get Familiar: “Formal” Sneakers [Fall ‘O-nine]

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The greatest season in fashion is unmistakably Autumn (Urban Grads, take notes). This is the time of year when we couple light coats with fly denim, and seasonal kicks move to the front of my walk-in. When I say seasonal kicks I’m talking about the sneakers that are like formal crossovers…they aren’t usually bright colored and they would go well with a tweed jacket or nice pea coat. With that said, one of this season’s absolute dopest men’s fall shoes (sorry ladies) is on deck: The ALDO Peleg high rise sneaker . Peep the flip over “John Henry” collar (I kinda like that term). With a retail value of $80, that might leave some pockets a little light. BUT…I think they are WELL worth the price, and they are definitely less than the Marc Jacobs sneakers below. Here’s the trick with these — Less is better. When you put these on with your slim leg denim, don’t overdo what you wear up top. The shoes are already confirming that you have style…or at least, that you’re getting tips from some cool guy who does…*sneaky smile*.

NOW, if your willing to spend a little more deniro then these are the formal kicks for you. These “statement-makers” are from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 line. Real talk, I’m digging the bells and whistles on these bad boys…the straps and the buckles. They may seem like extras, but they are necessary evils in the pursuit of being fashion forward.



I know these are not really formal, but they are just that fire.


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October 17, 2008 at 1:25 pm

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Get Familiar: Ms. New Booties

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I was in a store downtown the other day, people watching (as I usually do, especially on Sundays), when I saw this woman doing something funny as hell. This grown woman was standing next to a mannequin like a flamingo (leg bent and everything)! I’m thinkin to myself….see, this is what happens when people forget to take their meds. BUT as I kept looking (you know how WE are….nosey as an 8th dwarf), I noticed what she was really doing; she was matching her foot up with the mannequin’s shoes, a pair of suede booties.

You don’t have to go around standing on one leg to catch this trend, we got you covered. GET FAMILIAR!@! Booties, or ankle-high boots (or “shootes”, coined by my D.C. friend) are a favorite in fall. Although the trend is not necessarily new, what IS new would be the degree of leverage in the NEW Booties generation. 

 Heels are higher, the colors are richer, and the shoes are generally more ornate, containing bows at the toes or fold over parts. All the top designers are going that direction, ESPECIALLY because of the versatility!  Ladies, please prepare yourselves for these pictures:

 ***ALERT:: The shoes pictured would be considered “Rent…and then some”; H&M, Aldo, NineWest, and Jasmine Sola all have affordable versions (but if you’re ballin….comment and we’ll tell you where to cop)***

McQueen & Louboutin.

Louboutin & Cavalli.


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October 16, 2008 at 4:06 pm

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The Urban Graduate [art.it.seams]

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Urban Graduates, here is a chance to show your artistic side (since your creativity is already apparent by your clothes).  T-shirts are one of the most prominent mediums used in the Streetwear world.  At times, tees can become drab, cliche’, or even overworked.  How many times have to seen a tee with “F%#K B#%CHES, GET MONEY” on it or something similar to that?  How many times have you seen a tee with like 30 different ornate, floral type vectors, gold foil, and a skull somewhere on it?…RIGHT.  Urban Grads have more to express than that.  So here is another question I pose to you Urban Grads out there, when you create what is your muse?  Whether you are an aspiring actor, entertainer, or designer, everyone has something that inspires them to create.  Maybe yours is music from RD IOHEA_D.  Every band has a tee with their insignia on it, but RADIOHEAD tees always have a message; whether it be a satire on society or an observation of personal relationships.  They really present the message in a way that translates into great designs.

                                                                           These tees come from the RADIOHEAD official merchandise website. 

These Jean-Michel BASQUIAT print tees are live too!  I believe that Basquiat, along with his pal Andy Warhol, are the forefathers of the pop art movement…and pop art is on a lot of my favorite tees.  Basquiat is no doubt an Urban Graduate.  He started out as a graffitti artist in NY, but he became one of the most influential, Neo-expressionist artists of his time and modern day.  Throughout his career he used his medium to express his concern with his own mortality and interest in his black identity.  From the works I have seen, it appears that he was concerned with the negative characterizations of blacks in America.  Even though his message may have been unpalatable to some it was presented in a visually pleasing, yet intense manner.



(Uniqlo used to have a series of t-shirts that featured prints of Basquiat’s art, but I don’t think that they are available anymore — consult Ebay.)

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October 15, 2008 at 1:17 am

Denimation 201: Organic [awr-gan-ik]

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Urban Graduates,

Class is in session once again on the subject that all fashionistas, trendsetters, and tastemakers alike relish in discussing.  Lesson 2: ORGANIC denim…the Green Life.  Since GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK in 2008 and probably beyond, I’m going to talk about the jeans that Mother Nature herself would wear.  Trust me, you won’t look like a stylish tree-hugger when you go organic because organic denim looks like any other premium denim.  Off course the big names are jumping on the green bandwagon…7forallmankind, LeVI’S, and Nudie Jeans to name a few…





Here are a pair of jeans from the LeVI’S Eco line [Sidenote…the cut of the pockets on these jeans makes for not very effective pockets.  Stuff will fall out all the time if the jeans aren’t fitted enough]. 





Up next, are a pair of organic Nudie Jeans for women with the Yosemite wash.  [I really didn’t understand how the organic cotton used for the denim was really beneficial to the environment, but Nudie clears that all up on their website…”Denim is made of cotton, which causes great damage to our environment both in terms of water consumption (7000 to 29.000 litres of water for each kilogram of ready garment) and in terms of poisonous substances and insecticides. Cotton fields stand for 25% of all insecticides worldwide!”*].  So apparently, producing the denim organically is more ecologically friendly.



BUT…being that I’m an Urban Grad, you know I have to root for the underdogs doing their thing as well.  Here are a pair of organic jeans from Sharkah Chakra:



However, KUYICHI claims to have been using organic cotton for their jeans since 2001 (LeVI’S started in 2006).  So if this is true, big shout out to their group for being style innovators and therein true Urban Graduates.  



*(above quote courtesy of http://nudiejeans.com/thisisnudie/organic.php)

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October 13, 2008 at 8:27 am

Get Familiar: Urkel Vision

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Ok, I get it. Clothes DO make the man or woman. But ACCESSORIES….now THEY make the outfit. Many of you have been fans of eyewear for years, either voluntarily or involuntarily (shouts to my 20/40 vision friends). And although I’m a fan of sunglasses….year round….and at anytime of the day (I wear my stunna glasses at night), the tides are changing. Clear lens + Dark frame is the name of the game; GET FAMILIAR.

I admit, at first I thought it was a phase. But the Wayfarer look is back like spinal tap, feel me. If you’re not feeling Buddy Holly-ish, go for the DMC look with Cazal frames. The whole “Geek Chic” movement is upon us. Hmmm……I wonder who they took their cue from (hint, hint). So the next time you hear some one refer to “Geek Chic”, respond like Steven Q, “Did I do that??”

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October 9, 2008 at 5:11 pm

Get Familiar: The Chunky Look

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I know you probably looked at this like, “Oh hell naw, he’s talkin about love handles and muffin top.” Au contraire mon Frere. I’m talkin about the look you neeeeeed to GET FAMILIAR with before you get left behind (like the kid in 6th grade with the mustache).

Fall/Winter is upon us. Time to ante up on Chunky Knits: you know, those huge crocheted or woven sweaters, turtlenecks, cardigans, etc. Although you might look like a kitten’s wet dream, you’ll A) be warm as all hell, B) look fly as hell, and C) create a very pronounced silhouette (namely the big up top, narrow below). This works for women (adding volume, making your legs look like long stem roses — cowl necks are a go) and for men (turtlenecks — making you look “cuddly” — which is what every guy wants in the cold seasons…don’t front). Chunky accessories go hard too! Scarves and hats are probably a good look.

Forever 21

Forever 21


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October 8, 2008 at 9:09 pm

Greek 2 Chic: Picks of the Week

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We’ve been holdin’ out on yall, yes, we know. Business has been craaaaazy, we’re just trying to stay ahead of the curve, ya dig.  Enough of the light talk, let’s get into it:

courtesy of Highsnobiety

courtesy of Highsnobiety

The Indian Cap by Estate LA. MAAAAAAAAN! Tell me I’m not the only person who thinks this is LIVE as hell! Let me jog your memory…..do you remember those old Tootsie Pops? Do you remember the wrappers? The indian with the star??! YEA!!! All I know is, if i bought this hat, would I get a free one? Or a free Tootsie Pop at least?!

The Olympic Tee by Commonwealth + Stussy. A couple months ago in an Urban Graduate Post, I mentioned T-shirt Man and his ’68 Olympic tee. Well, I think the people at both Commonwealth & Stussy read the blog, cuz they just collabed and dropped this incredible workup. Stussy is coming back with a Vengence, and Commonwealth definitely isn’t slackin. Appreciate the message, and Apes, go grab this joint.

Fitted Cap by Playclothes. If you’re into the Clipse as much as I am, then you knew that this was coming a loooooong time ago. Playclothes is the clothing line Pusha and Malice are dropping this fall. The cap is very poignant (SAT word for that ass). I’m impressed at the simplicity represented in this piece. Nupes….lids can increase ya swag, get up on it. This is Quality.

The Half Cab Pony Camou by Vans. I’m from Cali, so Vans always get a hi-five from me. But Dogs….peep the texture on these badboys. It’s faux pony mane!! That’s got to be one of the illest uses of fur I have ever seen in the sneaker game. Its CAMOUFLAGE! Plus, the classic Vans structure can play well with this season’s dark denim. Roo to those!

INSA just sprung off the radar with their creative shoe design. Ladies, what better way to show that you have culture than to rock some shoes with ART ON THEM. The color pallet is flawless, the construction of the shoe is hand crafted and gives a lil character to whoever’s rockin’em. Frogs, leave your lillypads and jump into a pair of shoes by INSA.

courtesy of Highsnobiety

courtesy of Highsnobiety

I don’t think this bag discriminates AT ALL. The Grocery Tote by Jirushi Yoshida for Silly Thing. When I first saw this…I was like, Damn, why didn’t I think of that?! It just makes SENSE. A grocery bag, turned into fashion, now THAT’S innovation. Peep how it even has those ridged edges, so characteristic of throwback markets (alot of grocery stores have cut back on the traditional brown bag). We’re gonna label this, GroceryChic.

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October 3, 2008 at 7:33 pm

u|T|ø Endorses…Be@rbrick!

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Who says adults can’t have toys anymore??

Be@rbrick is a toy made by MediCom Toy Inc. and the company is best known for its visual collaborations. Imagine mashing up a plastic 9 piece Berenstein bear with some of the illest designers like Kaws and Nigo. As basic as it may seem, these toys follow some pretty interesting themes, ranging from patterned bears, to film-inspired bears (i.e. Kill Bill), and (in this case) even Breast-Cancer Awareness bears. What makes these things so dope is that they’re limited, rarely re-released, and extreeeeeemely unpredictable. The dang toy comes in a BLIND BOX**!! (TRANSLATION: you can’t see what bear is inside, until you purchase and open the box up) How Exclusive is that?! I don’t even think Santa’s Elves can get a hold of one of these joints.

** Now I know some of yall are reading this like…”Ninja Please, that ain’t FRESH!! How you gonna camouflage the thing I’m tryna purchase?!” But think about it….if you could see the object inside, would it make it more or less desirable..?

Chanel Be@rbrick

Layered Wood Be@rbrick

Kill Bill Be@rbrick

Bathing Ape Be@rbrick


Mastermind Japan Be@rbrick

[the clothing line behind the infamous $1,000 t-shirt]

Daft Punk Be@rbrick

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Be@rbrick

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