Get Familiar: Ms. New Booties

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I was in a store downtown the other day, people watching (as I usually do, especially on Sundays), when I saw this woman doing something funny as hell. This grown woman was standing next to a mannequin like a flamingo (leg bent and everything)! I’m thinkin to myself….see, this is what happens when people forget to take their meds. BUT as I kept looking (you know how WE are….nosey as an 8th dwarf), I noticed what she was really doing; she was matching her foot up with the mannequin’s shoes, a pair of suede booties.

You don’t have to go around standing on one leg to catch this trend, we got you covered. GET FAMILIAR!@! Booties, or ankle-high boots (or “shootes”, coined by my D.C. friend) are a favorite in fall. Although the trend is not necessarily new, what IS new would be the degree of leverage in the NEW Booties generation. 

 Heels are higher, the colors are richer, and the shoes are generally more ornate, containing bows at the toes or fold over parts. All the top designers are going that direction, ESPECIALLY because of the versatility!  Ladies, please prepare yourselves for these pictures:

 ***ALERT:: The shoes pictured would be considered “Rent…and then some”; H&M, Aldo, NineWest, and Jasmine Sola all have affordable versions (but if you’re ballin….comment and we’ll tell you where to cop)***

McQueen & Louboutin.

Louboutin & Cavalli.


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October 16, 2008 at 4:06 pm

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