Get Familiar: “Formal” Sneakers [Fall ‘O-nine]

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The greatest season in fashion is unmistakably Autumn (Urban Grads, take notes). This is the time of year when we couple light coats with fly denim, and seasonal kicks move to the front of my walk-in. When I say seasonal kicks I’m talking about the sneakers that are like formal crossovers…they aren’t usually bright colored and they would go well with a tweed jacket or nice pea coat. With that said, one of this season’s absolute dopest men’s fall shoes (sorry ladies) is on deck: The ALDO Peleg high rise sneaker . Peep the flip over “John Henry” collar (I kinda like that term). With a retail value of $80, that might leave some pockets a little light. BUT…I think they are WELL worth the price, and they are definitely less than the Marc Jacobs sneakers below. Here’s the trick with these — Less is better. When you put these on with your slim leg denim, don’t overdo what you wear up top. The shoes are already confirming that you have style…or at least, that you’re getting tips from some cool guy who does…*sneaky smile*.

NOW, if your willing to spend a little more deniro then these are the formal kicks for you. These “statement-makers” are from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 line. Real talk, I’m digging the bells and whistles on these bad boys…the straps and the buckles. They may seem like extras, but they are necessary evils in the pursuit of being fashion forward.



I know these are not really formal, but they are just that fire.


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October 17, 2008 at 1:25 pm

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