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The Tone of Atonement is PINK

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Of course all women in-the-know, know what begins tomorrow. The coveted marketing ploy/media jihad known as the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. However, this is not a post endorsing the Vicky’s Covert semi-annual sale of already overpriced cotton, this is an attempt at diverting your attention back to Strumpet & Pink and the other “undergarment underdogs” that are trying to get their products on the asses of the masses.

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December 28, 2008 at 11:58 pm

u|T|ø Endorses…Zuriick Shoes

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I almost didn’t post this because I was enjoying my Christmas break (even though Christmas is definitely not the same as it used to be) but I decided to listen to my motto “grind over glamour.” I have been on these shoes since I first discovered them because of their simple look. I’m loving the \un/derstatement on these shoes…the purple bottoms. So if you like minimalist design, simple construction, and subtle use of color, then you will like what Zuriick has to offer.


Albert White Hide Hi-top

Zuriick Thomas Leather Hi-top

Zuriick Jack Jack Hi-top

Zuriick Albert Hi-top

Zuriick Kettle Zip Boot

Zuriik Jackie Mid-top

Zuriick Beata Mid-top

Zuriick Beata Mid-top black

Zuriick Ake Slip-on

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December 24, 2008 at 8:04 am

Fashion Hopes = Stylish Memories Reversed

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I hope the Urban Graduettes are taking note that UTØ has been showing the womenfolk much love with our recent posts.  But as long as you ladies keep showing love I’m gonna reciprocate.  So here I am once again with something that I think you all will like.  Everyone knows about the French manicure; it was popular in the 1920s and 1930s.  It died, as all popular things do, and was then resurrected in the 70s.  In the present, the understated is what show others that you have style.  So enter…the wayward, fraternal twin sister of the French manicure…the Reverse French manicure.

Reverse French ManicureReverse French Manicure

Reverse French Manicure

Unlike the original French manicure, the classic Reverse French manicure paints the nail bed white and colors the tip.  My favorite take on the RFM is where the moons of the nails are painted white and the rest of the nail is painted black.  The third version involves a white moon and a white tip, with a vivid color in between.  The RFM is not a technique for the novice so Urban Graduettes start practicing.  Here is a link to help you get started.

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December 19, 2008 at 4:01 am

The smARTORIALIST: Gifts for Her

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Fellas, we all know that shopping for an Urban Graduette is a task that Ethan Hunt wouldn’t want to come anywhere near. You have sooo many variables to think about — and most of all, you never want to disappoint. Well, u|T|ø is here to help. But first, let’s lay down the ground rules for sh[e]opping.

1. NEVER buy her a pair of shoes. (My grandma always told me, “She’ll walk right on out your life”)

2. KNOW HER SIZE! If you don’t — get the smallest size you can find.

3. ASK for opinions from other women. (Hell, THEY are who she is trying to impress….not you)

4. JEWELRY = Explanation. (If it shines, sparkles, or glistens in the moonlight, be sure to have a solid paragraph memorized to explain your reasoning)

Now, with that out the way, here are some Go-To product lines that will appeal to the Urban Graduette. Remember, it’s not all about the “BIG LABELS” — it’s about the thought and the significance.

Janelle Ford Handbags – Exclusivity at it’s Finest, this designer uses a range of materials (ostrich?!) to hand make high-quality bags; $$ – $$$


Philosophy Cosmetics – Think…Bath and Body Works, SQUARED. It’s more of a lifestyle brand, and it demonstrates attention to her details; $ – $$


The Picnica Tote – A tote bag that comes from the innards of a bunny. I know it sounds harsh and very anti-PETA but just look at the pics; $ – $$

Picnica reusable shopping totes

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December 18, 2008 at 4:13 pm

Get Familiar: ‘Ver Eo’ Bags

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Urban Graduates,…


…Christmas is almost here and I’m sure that most of you have been shopping for others and yourself (I personally shop for myself first because it makes it easier for me to spread the holiday spirit).  December 25th will come and go as soon as you think and so will the New Years and the presidential inauguration.  And before you know it Spring will be upon us…and it will be time to hit the beach.  In preparation I have compiled a list of some hip Spring travel bags.  Nothing says what the f@%$ like a flyly dressed individual on the beach or walking the city with a crappy, contrasting travel bag.  And this is by no means an exhaustive list, feel free to let me know what other bag would make a great addition.

Fred Perry Contrast Barrel Bag

Brooks Brothers Oil Cloth Backpack


GOOGIM Wing Crest Duffle BagGOOGIM Wing Logo Accent Backpack

Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue Canvas Colorblock Weekend BagMarc by Marc Jacobs Blue Canvas Colorblock Weekend Bag (inside)

Bruxe the greene 3 day pk backpack

Bruxe - The Jefferson Rolling Bag

Bruxe-Greene Three Day Pack

Bruxe-Jefferson Rolling Duffel

Vael Project Rucksack

Vael Project Rucksack [back]

Vael Project Tote

Vael Project Tote [back]

Just thought these were cool (still trying to find out availability)…


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December 18, 2008 at 3:29 am

Greek 2 Chic: Dogs | The Re-up

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Just when you thought your holiday season was safe, we had to let the Dogs loose! [Urban+Take(øut)] is rebooting (pun intended) the Q – Dog series, pumpin out a whole new style selection for the nastiest brothas on the yard. **To the Ques, please grab your Crown Royal bags, Vikings, and Lakers paraphenalia….and proceed to roast them on an open fire.** So relax, grab a pint of that Oil, and watch as we upgrade the Bruhs, (for in the immortal words of George Clinton, “The Dog that chases its tail will be dizzy”):

House Dog (Polo + Rugby)


*The embroidery on the Rugby sweater….ridiculoso. Plus the belt is a 4 season winner!

Street Dog (LRG + Billionaire Boys Club)


* Grape Cardigans?! No brainer.

Nasty Dog (Supra + Paper ROOt + UNDRCRWN + Beasted)


*I hope everyone notices that the two most powerful men in America are on these tees — Barack Obama…and Kimbo Slice.

Atomic Dog (NIKE + CLAE + Lacoste x Mita)


* Two words…Eggplant Flightposite — easily one of the top 100 sneakers ever made by Nike. And, did you peep how Lacoste’s collab with Mita Sneakers (Japan all day) look like The Retro Jordan 3’s??

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December 16, 2008 at 4:33 pm

Match Maker, Match Maker [REDUX]

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Sorry for the pause in posting but it has been an interesting couple of days (I’ll save THAT story for another post).  But anyway Im here with a new Match Maker for the cosmopolitan Urban Graduate.  A keffiyeh is a nice introduction to wearing a scarf.  But it’s also really trendy, and if you wanna show that you are truly refined and have a fashion sense then you might want to pick up a real scarf.  A keffiyeh is cool for few occasions, but do it too much and you’ll start to look like Piccolo from Dragon Ball.  The good thing about a real scarf is that you can still be casual but if you wanna throw on something “after-five” thats fine too.  So I’ve decided to compile a post of different scarves and some accompanying bottom suggestions.  Your welcome.


Topman Orange Check Scarf


KR3W Muska Dirty Grey Jeans


Paul Smith Red Skinny Striped Scarf


Levi's Capital E Stacked Skinny Jeans


Paul Smith Multi Stripe Wool Scarf


Ijin Selvedge Jeans (straight leg)


POLO Signature Lambswool Scarf


Fink Grey Plaid 5 Pocket Pant


POLO Glen Plaid Scarf


Levi's Skinny 511 Garment Dyed Jeans


Mary Meyer Snake Dance Scarf


Helmut Lang Black Piece Dyed Pant