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In our own minds, we like to think that we are “connected”. Urban Graduates enjoy having a wide social network and the luxury of having any source at their fingertips. Well, today, let’s put our “connectedness” to the test! If you’re reading this, kindly take out your phone, and access your contacts screen. The following list should be considered ESSENTIAL contacts for the Urban Graduate Lifestyle. Scroll through yours and see how many match this list:

1. Tailor


I cannot stress how important it is to have a tailor on deck. Male or Female, alterations are necessary for just about every garment, especially if you value “fit” over “look”. Work to build a repoire with one so that when you do call, they REMEMBER you. And, understand that the world of tailoring operates on an “established repoire” system — frequenters and respected clients get the best pricing.

2. Dry Cleaners


Not saying that every garment needs to be sent, but there are items that should be sent to the Dry Cleaners. Treat this contact like your saving grace! If you build a solid relationship with a dependable cleaning service, they’ll hold you down, especially in those emergency “I need this like TOMORROW” situations.

3. Hair Stylist/ Barber


Probably, the most important of all — your personal hair stylist. Women are usually up on this one, mainly because of frequence and the fact that a walk-in appointment is a cardinal sin. Fellas, try calling your barber…BEFORE you head to the shop. We all know appointments don’t mean you’ll be in the chair at that exact time. It’s more for courtesy, and as said before, developing a REPOIRE with an important player (one who manages your individual style).

4. Nail Salon


Ladies, whether you can communicate with the person who does your nails or not, their contact info should be on hand (no pun intended). The point isn’t really to develop a great bond with your nail care consultant, but more for REFERRAL purposes. Having this number handy makes you appear informed and almost like a connoisseur of nail care services.

5. Florist


This is the real test. If you have this contact — you’re Official. A florist is one of those “understatements“, but for your personal electronic rolodex. Use it with discretion, but when you do access it, be sure to let the company know that they’re “your GO-TO source“. A good florist is something that will come in handy at the most unforseen moments, so do your research, then lock’em in.

— Now, if you don’t have 4 of the 5 items…please upgrade your contacts accordingly. The most impressive thing about an Urban Graduate is “appropriateness” — we are always ready with the appropriate response to any situation. Feel free to hit us up if you need some referrals.


Written by great8productions

December 1, 2008 at 9:21 pm

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