The smARTORIALIST: Gifts for Her

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Fellas, we all know that shopping for an Urban Graduette is a task that Ethan Hunt wouldn’t want to come anywhere near. You have sooo many variables to think about — and most of all, you never want to disappoint. Well, u|T|ø is here to help. But first, let’s lay down the ground rules for sh[e]opping.

1. NEVER buy her a pair of shoes. (My grandma always told me, “She’ll walk right on out your life”)

2. KNOW HER SIZE! If you don’t — get the smallest size you can find.

3. ASK for opinions from other women. (Hell, THEY are who she is trying to impress….not you)

4. JEWELRY = Explanation. (If it shines, sparkles, or glistens in the moonlight, be sure to have a solid paragraph memorized to explain your reasoning)

Now, with that out the way, here are some Go-To product lines that will appeal to the Urban Graduette. Remember, it’s not all about the “BIG LABELS” — it’s about the thought and the significance.

Janelle Ford Handbags – Exclusivity at it’s Finest, this designer uses a range of materials (ostrich?!) to hand make high-quality bags; $$ – $$$


Philosophy Cosmetics – Think…Bath and Body Works, SQUARED. It’s more of a lifestyle brand, and it demonstrates attention to her details; $ – $$


The Picnica Tote – A tote bag that comes from the innards of a bunny. I know it sounds harsh and very anti-PETA but just look at the pics; $ – $$

Picnica reusable shopping totes

Written by great8productions

December 18, 2008 at 4:13 pm

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