Fashion Hopes = Stylish Memories Reversed

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I hope the Urban Graduettes are taking note that UTØ has been showing the womenfolk much love with our recent posts.  But as long as you ladies keep showing love I’m gonna reciprocate.  So here I am once again with something that I think you all will like.  Everyone knows about the French manicure; it was popular in the 1920s and 1930s.  It died, as all popular things do, and was then resurrected in the 70s.  In the present, the understated is what show others that you have style.  So enter…the wayward, fraternal twin sister of the French manicure…the Reverse French manicure.

Reverse French ManicureReverse French Manicure

Reverse French Manicure

Unlike the original French manicure, the classic Reverse French manicure paints the nail bed white and colors the tip.  My favorite take on the RFM is where the moons of the nails are painted white and the rest of the nail is painted black.  The third version involves a white moon and a white tip, with a vivid color in between.  The RFM is not a technique for the novice so Urban Graduettes start practicing.  Here is a link to help you get started.


Written by great8productions

December 19, 2008 at 4:01 am

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