The smARTORIALIST: Flood Warnings

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A style savant once told me, A man’s ankles should only be seen by an athletic trainer — that is all. Well, our good friend Mr. Thom Browne clearly thinks otherwise (as do I). As GQ Mag’s Designer of the Year (2009), his signature “high-water” look has become suprisingly….dapper. However, I felt it was necessary to lay out some lightweight “boundaries”, because  quite frankly, some of the attempts end up as follies.

Good Execution.

Good Execution.

Utter FOLLY.

Utter FOLLY.

This “Flood” look goes best with NO SOCKS. As far as shoes are concerned, your best bets are simple sneakers (Jack Purcell’s, oxfords, topsiders), boat/deck shoes (Sperry), or good ‘ol church goin’ hard bottoms (sans clunkiness).

Proper Execution.

Proper Execution.

Complete FOLLY.

Complete FOLLY.

Now, the trousers themselves should be slimming slacks — not denim. Here’s the magic trick: The bottom of the pant leg–cuffed or uncuffed– should fall just shy OF THE SHOE (not the ankle). That way, when you walk or sit, you maintain just the right amount of ankle exposure.


Except for Thom Browne (arms folded)...FOLLIES, FOLLIES, FOLLIES!

Except for Thom Browne (arms folded)...FOLLIES, FOLLIES, FOLLIES!

**Please tread these unfriendly waters with extreme caution.  I would hate to catch you out of pocket, looking like a clamdigger fresh from the sea.


Written by great8productions

January 15, 2009 at 2:57 pm

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  1. Totally agreed. Love the sleek male silhouette.
    – Johanne

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