Get Familiar: “Formal” Sneakers [Spring ‘O-nine]

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UTØ is back with the second installment of the “formal” kicks segment. It’s still cold but it is gonna start warming up eventually and that means time to put up the outerwear…and bring out the lighter colors. And nothing says Spring like a pair of white sneakers. But I’m not just talking about any pair of white sneaks. I’m talking about ones that can make the difference between you looking like your ready for a fashion-forward Spring and you looking like Markell Shoe Company has your email address. The “formal crossovers” for the Spring season are from Dior Homme and Yves Saint Laurent. They go well with a dark pair of slacks and a lighter, collared top. Not to mention the subtle black embellishments on the Diors that will guarantee these bad boys (go see NOTORIOUS, out now!…kidding) a double-take from other urban graduates.

Dior Homme Spring 2009 hi-top sneakers


Schmoove Barocco Hi Collar Ivory Shoes

Written by great8productions

January 18, 2009 at 12:20 am

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  1. […] was thoroughly shocked when I went into the New Orleans’ Saks today and saw the Dior Homme Spring ‘09 sneakers [in the black and white colorway] on the 50% OFF RACK. So at the risk of getting kicked out of the […]

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