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Greek 2 Chic: Picks of the Week [Pt.1]

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We’re putting some looks together for the fashion-savvy Greeks out there. Here’s the best from around the web:

DUCKS :: POW Bamboo Earrings by Melody Ehsani; We Run the South Tee by Once Upon a Time in NY.


POODLES :: Sex Sells T-Shirt by MTTM; The M.I.A. Denim Jacket by Hellz Bellz.


The M.I.A. Denim Jacket by Hellz BellzThe M.I.A. Denim Jacket by Hellz Bellz

DOGS :: Asher Roth Tee by UNDRCRWN; Camou Shorts by Deluxe S/S ’09 Collection.

Asher Roth Tee by UNDRCRWN

Camou Shorts by Deluxe

CENTAURS :: VR Stamp Tee by Viktor & Rolf  S/S ’09 Collection; Sentry All Gold Watch by Nixon; Swagg Knuckle Ring by GoodWood.

VR Stamp T-Shirt by Viktor & Rolf

nixon-sentry-all-gold-watch1Swagg Knuckle Ring by GoodWood

APES :: The Se7en Tee & The Greater Tee both by Alphanumeric; Converse x Selfridges 100th Anniversary Pantone 109 Sneaker.

The Se7en Tee by AlphanumericThe Greater Tee by Alphanumeric

The Se7en Tee by AlphanumericThe Greater Tee by Alphanumeric

Converse x Pantone x Selfridges

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April 30, 2009 at 3:56 pm

3sixteen [S/S/F] 2009

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If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to check out some of the collections by 3sixteen, then you are seriously in a deep slumber. Check out their Sping/Summer ’09 Lookbook and their upcoming Fall 2009 Photoshoot. Enjoy!!

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April 28, 2009 at 12:39 pm

The smARTORIALIST: Kingdom Comme [pt.2]

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We’re revisiting Kindom Comme: the key choices that Comme des Garcons has made to become a luxe-hybrid brand. In the last installment [Part 1], I mentioned the Junya Watanabe Effect. For a little background info, Junya became an apprentice at Comme des Garcons in 1984, working as a patternmaker. Now, through several power moves, Junya became one of the most influential designers at the label — in fact, he’s responsible for much of the Homme line’s character.  Eventually he was given the appropriate title of “Rei’s Protege”.

eye Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garcons x Dickies

Junya has a keen interest in using “technologically-advanced textiles and fabrics”, not to mention his use of cotton. [HOW CROSS-OVER is THAT!!]  Think back to some of Junya’s most noted contributions — they come in the form of collaborations. And whom does he collaborate with…Iconic Sneaker Brands. Converse, New Balance, Nike, and Vans all have been blessed by the Rei Protege’ (under eYe), just as runways in Paris and Milan have. And the whole time, Junya’s connection to Comme only strengthened, doing more exploration of patterns and male silhouettes with his label eYe and Comme des Garcons at the helm. “How did Comme benefit,” you ask. Well, they were provided with the PERFECT Petri dish to test nontraditional Comme des Garcons concepts…..like working with common treasures.

Nike x Watanabe

new-balance-1500-eye-comme-des-garcons-junya-watanabe-man Junya Watanabe x Vans

Converse x Watanabe

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Kingdom Comme, where we’ll discuss the positioning tactics Comme has used to broaden it’s luxe-hybrid market.

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April 23, 2009 at 3:00 pm

The Urban Graduette [ankle.support]

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OK ladies it’s pretty obvious that most of the hi-profile hi-tops of the season have been for men. So here are some I found (besides the Upper Echelon hi-tops) for the young women who have a little monetary pool on the side for splurging.

Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 women’s sneaker

Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 sneaker [back]

These MMMs are my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the construction and the fact that they show skin, or the fact that the colorway is “nude.” (Take note of the famous Margiela trademark on the underside of the tongue…fabric with the numbers 0 through 23. He did kind of Mike Jordan the fashion game though. Lol)

Y-3 Kimpu sneaker

Y-3 Kimpu sneaker

Y-3 Kimpu sneaker [back]

Essential…all white hi-top for the summer. ‘Nuff said.

Adidas Nizza Hi-top

“Icccey “…not in a sleazy voice. (It looks like they have the wrong shoe stuffer in the sneaker. It’s making it bulge up in the middle)

Free People Cinched High Top sneaker

cinchedhightopsneaker3Cinched Hi-Top sneaker [side]

I’m loving the gathering on these bad girls…right down the middle of the shoe, no laces. These are definitely statement pieces. You gotta make sure that these standout so subdue the outfit, keep the colors light.

u|T|ø endorses….The Brooklyn Circus

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The Brooklyn Circus, or simply, BKc is hands-down one of the most refreshing labels I’ve seen in fashion today. I first got my taste of their style a lil over a year ago (shouts to FlyyNerd Will) with one of their screen tees — shortly thereafter, I was hooked.

As artisans, they master what I like to call “urban savoir faire”. Their garments tend to reflect a rare maturity, while blending traditional styles inspired by the Renaissance period, industrial wardrobe, marine/naval workups, and New York’s streetwear culture. For transitioners (aka Urban Graduates) like myself, this brand establishes a working standard; classic, but not old — bold, but not abrasive. Well done, BKcu|T|ø salutes you.


BKc x G-Shock


BKc Chambray Hat Detail

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April 16, 2009 at 12:56 pm

[Sneak Tip]: A.D.’A. Hi[FLY]Tops_Spring/Summer ’09

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Look what the Easter Bunny brought me…another SNEAK TIP featuring Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Shout out to William Yan for getting the pictures (I definitely couldn’t get past the Flash Player on the Alessandro Dell’Acqua site).

I love this designer’s use of contrasting materials on the hi-top sneakers. PUNCTILIO!

Notice there are no straps…The last sneakers we featured from this designer were from a 2007 collection so it’s not surprising that there are no straps in this collection. The strap thing is getting overdone, but I hope it doesn’t get played out soon.

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April 13, 2009 at 12:05 am

Sing[ular] Swan Song

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It seems as Natasha Khan has been getting alot of views in the original Sing Swan Song post. So I decided that she should get her own post, in commemoration of her unique “Urban Grad” style [and her new album].

Again the theme for the outfit is very tribal and heavy on the eye makeup, but in a creative assymetrical way. It’s almost “tribal chic” because the hairstyle goes so perfectly with the outfit.

It seems as if there is always some type of print in the ensembles she puts together. Whether it be floral stockings coming from underneath a heavily bowed skirt, striped shoulders, or a leopard lining, there will be a pattern.

This is definitely that Keri Hilson shot (or whoever came out first). She reminds me of some young Apache woman who has time traveled into the future and adopted our modern way of dress. But because the jump from her time to our time was so fast, she still retains outward vestiges of her Native heritage. She also shares her clothes with the other members of Bat For Lashes so they can share her style. The awesome makeup is nothing new to Ms. Khan who admits to being eccentric in this interview by the guardian.co.uk.

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April 12, 2009 at 12:54 am

Greek 2 Chic: Captain of my Sole

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As we’ve said time and time again, the Spring is all about COLOR. Greeks, this is your time to shine. When you’re fresh off of a probate, it’s a must to have elite footwork to match those elite letters. Let’s go IN!!

FROGS (Nike GTS, Reebok TopDown, Sanuk No-Tanline Thongs, Adidas Camou Pack Flip Flop)


AKA Spring '09

DOGS (Air Jordan 1 Low Phat, Lakers Colorway; NIKE SB Skater Boys 90’s Pack; Adidas Originals Gazelle)

Que Spring '09

DOVES(Supra Low Spring 09 Collection; NIKE Air Force 2 Freshwater colorway)

Sigma Spring '09

DUCK(Puma First Round; Marc Jacobs Flip-Flops)

DST Spring '09

APES(NIKE SB Premium Blazer Kiss; NIKE Blazer Premium Gold & Black Colorway)


RABBITS(Supra Muska Skytop Burgundy Pack; NIKE Air Jordan 1 Hare 2)

Kappa Spring '09

CATS (Jack Purcell Blue Canvas)

Zeta Spring '09

CENTAURS (NIKE Terminator Wildwood Woven Pack)

Iota Spring '09

POODLES (Nike Dunk x Liberty; Adidas Nizza Stripes Consortium; Lacoste Tennis 91 x Croc Mythology, West Africa Pack)

SGRho Spring '09

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April 10, 2009 at 2:34 pm

The Urban Graduate [transport.ation]

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Check out this post before you read this one. Ok…this is probably one of the most ingenious accessories that I have seen in a while. Everybody knows how we urban grads love our denim, whether it be raw, washed and colored. Anyway, if you’re a bike-peddler who’s always moving fashion-forward, then these denim ankle covers may be for you. The purpose is obvious, protect the bottoms of your jeans from the grease, dirt, catching, the spokes, etc. STROKE’S Extra Leg claims to “protect your pants and your style.”

They wrap around your lower leg and the long Velcro strips allow them to be adjusted to fit various leg openings. They come in black, white, and raw denim. You can try and match them with the same denim or you can contrast them. For some reason they remind me of the Rick Owens long wedged boots. Some may like these, some may not. Some more may like these when they find out that the Extra Leg is produced by our friends over at A.P.C. Either way, no one wants to always be the person with one pant leg rolled up reminiscent of Ladies Love Cool James, or have their s$%! looking like this…


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April 6, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Get Familiar: Her Object Essential.2

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This one is for Ms. Fashion-In-Motion herself…and all the other urban graduettes. This is a Spring follow-up to the original post. Here are a few accessories that I think you Triple F’s [Fashion Forward Females] will enjoy…or at least enjoy looking at.

Nigo[ing] Going Gone

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According to Hypebeast (by way of WWD), the Original Bapesta himself is planning on stepping down from his 16-year tenure as President/Director of A Bathing Ape. In Jay-Z-esque fashion, he will continue his creative role in the label. Read the full article here.

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April 2, 2009 at 1:23 am