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Get Familiar: The Hunter Gatherer

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Here at u|T|ø, we’ve come to realize two truths. Fact 1: Every woman loves Brett Favre. Fact 2: Every man wants to be Brett Favre (somewhere deep down). Don’t be upset, it’s just how it is! When you boil it all down to the raw extract, the quality that makes Favre the quintessential definition of MAN is his ruggedness. Hence, this fall…use your instincts – go rugged.

There’s something very GQ about the look we call, Hunter Chic. First thing that comes to mind – Texture. Most rugged apparel is composed of heavy materials that are perfect for insulation, while still being visually appealing (think Tweed). Next, they rely on patterns to create a traditional garment (think Plaids and Quilted pieces). Finally, the key to the Hunter look is LAYERING; we’re talking a thermal, under a flannel, under a down vest (and maybe even a coat if need be).

Below are some items we feel you may want to invest in to bring out you inner Favruh-ness. Man up, Get Familiar!!


Beauty & Youth Tweed JacketRed Wing Irish Setter BootHardGraft Headwear

Edifice x Penfield VestOliver Spencer Fishtail Trouser

Junya Watanabe Quilted Nylon Jacket

Opening Ceremony Max-Lined Parka

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September 30, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Jil Sander x Uniqlo

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Head Mistress of the Minimalist Mystique, designer Jil Sander is collaborating with Japanese discount design conglomerate, Uniqlo to bring us the +J collection. These are some really sharp pieces of clothing with clean lines. “The challenge for me is to establish a premium quality in a democratically-priced range.” The collection is expected to drop at Uniqlo’s Soho location in New York on October 1st. Here is a list of the items in the main collection by gender:


On another yet similar note The German designer has made her unofficial return to fashion by recently signing a “design consulting agreement” to oversee the men’s and women’s apparel at Uniqlo.

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September 26, 2009 at 12:55 am

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Greek 2 Chic: Sprite Step Øff Edition

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Our friends over at iStep put us onto the buzz circulating about the biggest national step competition to ever be hosted, The Sprite Step Off. Well, in the spirit of fraternity/sorority…we had to take it one step further. Here are some looks for competitors and attendees to rock at the competition. Enjoy!

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September 24, 2009 at 7:57 am

The Urban Graduate: [essentially.fall]

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Courtesy of men.style here are the essential Fall garments that every Grad out there should want to look into acquiring. This is a post that you’ll probably refer to numerous times. Not that we recommend copping everything on the list but these are just some suggestive items to help mix and match with your own personal style…

1) Get some of the luck o’ the Irish with a Donegal Tweed Suit

2) Dress up or dress down with the Dressy Puff Vest

3) The “Luxe” Flannel Shirt

u|T|ø SUGGESTION: Box mens flannel shirt by VANS

VANS box mens flannel

4) Back from when you were 5 years old, the Fine-Gauge Turtleneck

5) For that “pop” when layering try the Colorful Cardigan

u|T|ø SUGGESTION: Cardigans by Topman

6) The Minimalist Biker Jacket

7) Look like your on a luxurious safari with the “New” Cargo Pant

u|T|ø SUGGESTION: Trousers Alex by Mango

8 ) The Four-Button DB

9) The Superfine Tee

10) The Fair Isle Sweater

u|T|ø SUGGESTION: Fair isle v-neck sweater w/ pockets by Polo Ralph Lauren

11) The Newsboy Cap (shout out to Alpha Status on this one)

12) The Lug-soled Boot

u|T|ø SUGGESTION: Ranger Boots by Polo Ralph Lauren

13) The Chunky Scarf

14) The Statement Overcoat

15) The Denim Jacket

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September 23, 2009 at 4:40 pm

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[4]u|Tø Know: Philly Foundation Art Show

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LISTEN UP!! Grads and Graduettes in the Philly region, support our boy, artist extraordinaire Eric Jordan on SEPT. 23rd for the Philly Foundation Art Show. Trust and believe…it’s gonna be dope. Read more here.

This Urban Grad tecccchnically needs no introduction (especially if you’ve seen THAT Notorious B.I.G. tee by RockSmith). Put it this way, if we had to sum our boy up in 2 words….they’d be…..YOUNG BASQUIAT. Given his natural artistic abilities, keen eye for color, and insightful selection of subjects, this installment won’t be anything short of magnificent.

Be on the lookout for the e. jordan EXCLUSIVE interview!!

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September 22, 2009 at 6:10 pm

RecessionPrøøf 220: Jockin’ (+J) – Z

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Who’s gonna run this fall? Fashionably speaking, it will be none other than +J – Z. Let me clarify; we’re not talking about Hov, we’re talking about the fall offerings of two affordable fashion powerhouses, Uniqlo and Zara.

The heavily anticipated +J collection (Jil Sander for Uniqlo) is set to launch October 1st, and from what we’ve been privy to viewing…the pieces are BANANAS (especially the women’s down ¾ length coat)! The monochromatic grays used in this line will establish a legit base for every look you attempt this Fall/Winter. We’re talking, Japanese engineered garments, with a reputable designer’s vision, ALL ranging from $21 to $155 (we know…those are like Canal St. prices). Don’t SLEEP!

+J by Jil Sander for Uniqlo+J by Jil Sanders for Uniqlo

The budget chic underdog, Zara, usually gets overlooked because of H&M’s popularity/ accessibility, and Topshop’s coup d’etat of Europhile fashionistas. However, there are 2 lanes that Zara succeeds both brands: Outerwear and Footwear. In terms of outerwear, Zara uses a unique color palette and mixes different, yet complementary materials to recreate traditional blazers, jackets, and overcoats. In terms of footwear, Zara manages to produce tasteful analogs of designer/runway shoes, with better construction than ANY budget chic brand – for prices ranging from $39 to $89 (women & men). That’s a no-brainer!





On that note, just act accordingly: this F/W, your Blueprint for fashion…+J – Z (AWH!…in my best Hov voice).

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September 22, 2009 at 5:33 pm


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Here’s your quick u|T|ø doubleshot — everything you missed or need to be reminded of:

  • Designer Jimmy Choo has worked with H&M to release a fall collection, slated for Nov. 14th launch. Read here.
  • Designer Jean Paul Gaultier is rumored to have joined the list of designers collaborating with Target. Read here.
  • Complex Magazine taps the Clipse and artist KAWS for latest issue. View here.
  • BBC creates a series of tees inspired by the Blueprint 3. Peep here.
  • L.A. and director Spike Jonze welcome the Where the Wild Things Are pop-up store. Read here.

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September 22, 2009 at 12:11 pm