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u|T|ø endorses…B-Side

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One of the best ways for women to add character to any outfit during the Fall/Winter season is to take FULL advantage of unique accessories. Sure, everyone is gonna have a scarf or a bracelet here and there, but how many ladies will have truly eye-catching pieces? ….riiiiiight…not many.

Insert B-Side by Ken & Dana. Their latest accessories collection features a variety of exotic, vibrant pieces. B-Side recreates the modern accessory by using geometrical shapes and mixing them with fluid, yet textured staples like silk scarves and beaded neckwear. The dopest thing about these accessories is that they actually have VOLUME! Chunky accessories are GREAT complements to fall/winter wears. Kudos to B-Side for being bold in the fall, and kudos to the Graduettes with enough moxie to pull of these accessories.



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October 28, 2009 at 1:37 am

Get Familiar: Gucci In A Flash [Gucci x Mark Ronson]

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OPENING TODAY IN NEW YORK (via Crosby St.) is the GUCCI ICON-TEMPORARY pop-up store. This “flash sneaker store” has brought Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini and DJ Mark Ronson together to design a limited edition collection of sneakers. At each stop on this 18-city international tour a new Gucci Ronson sneaker will be introduced to the world, in addition to exclusive editions of 18 sneaker styles in the Gucci Icon-Temporary collection. The Gucci Ronson sneakers retail between $500-$600, while the Gucci Icon-Temporary sneakers are between $500-$1,400. Each sneaker comes with exclusive packaging and the option of having your initials placed on the leather lace adornments.

Shout out to Bay Area Kicks for the photos.

**UPDATE** — Here are some shots from the pop-up store, courtesy of Nitrolicious 🙂


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October 24, 2009 at 12:13 pm

First|Løøk: Jimmy Chøø x H&M

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Check out the upcoming Jimmy Choo for H&M Ad Campaign! Mark your calendars Graduettes, November 14th, 2009 — It’s goin down.

jimmy choo x hm

jimmy choo x hm

jimmy choo x hm

jimmy choo x hm

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October 21, 2009 at 11:48 am

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[4]u|Tø Know: Watermelon Democracy

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A couple weeks ago, we got up with our friends over at Watermelon Democracy to talk about their brand, the vision of their label, and their Fall 2009 collection (available through the Watermelon Democracy® website or Red’s Swagger in Cedar Hill, Tx). Check out the interview:

UTO: Off top, the name Watermelon Democracy® stands out among other brands. Tell us about the name’s origin.

WD: WD truly started out as just a joke with my friend.  We were discussing funny clothing line names and my friend mentioned Banana Republic.  I made a joke about [Watermelon Democracy being] the opposite of it.  I couldn’t sleep that night because I kept thing about the phrase, so I woke up and started researching the meaning of Banana Republic and what WD [being its opposite] could represent.    came up with a definition of WD.

UTO: Ok, I can dig that. So, how is WD defined?

WD: The image of the Watermelon symbolizes toughness and an inner spiritual richness (sweetness).  Democracy symbolizes freedom and power, 2 traits we should aspire to achieve as individuals and the two most important aspects of Democracy.  The combination of the two presents this message.  Develop your Watermelon and achieve individual Democracy.  Through the development of your mind, body, and soul you can put yourself in a position to achieve your goals.


UTO: That’s very empowering! Now, since the last time we talked, you all have been preparing a fall product line. Tell us a lil bit about that.

WD: The concept of the new line is “The Anatomy of WD”.  [Expect to] see images of the body with a WD spin on it, [conveying] the message that, bit by bit, we should all develop and achieve our own WD.  You’ll also see more color offerings and exclusives with a set number printed this season.

I Heart WD Main Front

UTO: Dope, as usual. You guys are known for having thought-provoking tees. Is there any chance that WD will be expanding into other apparel markets?

WD: Absolutely, our tees are setting the stage for our full apparel line. We have to always keep that in mind when we come up with designs.  We’re getting ready to release some crazy winter products, which will be our first step to branding ourselves as more than just a t-shirt company. With investment groups reaching out to us, we must do everything we can to ensure them that WD is not a fad, but rather, a way of life.

WMD Mock

UTO: These days, longevity is definitely the name of the game. Sounds like you all have great direction! What can we look forward to from WD? What’s on deck?

WD: There will be a lot of surprises, exclusives, and collaboration with a popular Atlanta Blogger (ASampWasRight.blogspot.com) and a Houston based brand that is the only brand that I love right now almost as much as WD….lol.  We also have a design competition that will give a young designer a chance to make a name for themselves by having their design printed through our distribution and marketing channels. I’m really excited about the future of WD!

UTO: So are we brother, so are we.


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October 15, 2009 at 9:32 am

Get Familiar: The Hunter Gath’ress

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As an Urban Graduette I’ve come to realize two truths.

Fact 1: Men like when we wear their clothes. Fact 2: Every girl wants to wear items of men’s clothing.

It’s not really a secret, sometimes we just want to breath and not have everything so close. And I’ll agree, women do have a thing for an Urban Grad who can bring out his inner Brett Favre and make it his own. But sometimes we just want to be “ruggedly sexy” in our own way.

Hunter Chic isn’t just for the boys anymore. It’s for us women who want to show that clothes can empower us in an appealing way [sans the big shoulder pads of the 80s…gross]. To get the look across successfully there needs to be that mandatory dance between hard and soft; rugged and smooth. The subtle play between opposites that a guy who appreciates a mean shoe game will recognize. Let’s do some fashion addition:

Kettle Black plaid boyfriend shirt 128 intermixerez

Barbour ladies Utility Jacket (classic)faux fur 330 shopbop

Glen Price wool gauze scarf 85 intermixGenetic Denim shane torn 198 intermix

Chloe lace up suede booties 695 intermixSee by Chloe suede wedge boot 625 intermixHunter boots www.hunter-boot.comProenza Schouler mustard PS1 satchel

Mara hoffman fringe shawl sweater  561 shopbopJamison Fringed cardi 220 saks

– Ceci Staff writer & F.I.T. student

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October 15, 2009 at 12:01 am

Class|in|Session: Korto Momolu

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We caught up with Korto Momolu backstage at the Boston Fashion Expose last weekend for an exclusive chat about her upcoming collection. Ladies, I have to say, she put her foot in this collection! Check out the clip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “[ URBAN + TAKE(ØUT) ] x Korto Momolu …“, posted with vodpod

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October 9, 2009 at 10:30 am

Søled (ØUT)

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“I’m a young associate (24) at an investment firm. Most of my colleagues are “Suits” — all day, all night. However, I don’t want to age myself before my time, and I don’t want to completely conform to the environment I’m in. What kinds of options do I have as far as leisure footwear are concerned?” – Wally Streetwear, NYC (Harlem)

Not to stress big homie. With Jay having convinced everyone that 30’s the new 20 over a year ago, I’m pretty sure the whole “aging” thing has halted to a stand still. None the less, I can empathize with the fear of letting Corporate America stifle your God-given right to self expression through fashion. They say the clothes don’t make the man, but they sure as hell make the man believable. Now when it comes to “leisure footwear”, one must beware the relativity of the word “leisure”. Are you headed to a Super Bowl party, reuniting with some college friends post grad, or escorting a lovely young lady on a promising first hurrah? Form must always fit the function (unless your swag’s on a hundred thousand trillion) and  less is always more. Aim for a core comprised of business casual, casual, and what I call, urban chic.

  • Business casual = $dressy enough to wear to the office;  versatile enough to be dressed down. Think: Johnston & Murphy, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole.
  • Casual = lace ups;  fly enough to wear out; not dressy enough to wear to work. Think: Sperry, Rockport, Cole Haan.
  • Urban Chic = sneakers too fly to do anything but rock while you’re out just trying to be seen. Think: Creative Recs, ALIFE, Nike SB.

Remember this is by no means dogma nor are the brands etched in stone as your only options. Think of this as something similar to a template in Microsoft Word; you wouldn’t submit a template to your boss as your finished project….and neither should you head to your nearest hipster outlet (PEDX for me here in Canton) and ask for the latest pair of SBs. Use this to establish a firm base, then apply your own distinctive creativity. What ever you do, make it believably yours.

~ The CS

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October 9, 2009 at 1:02 am

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Jil Sander x Uniqlo: [the]aftermath

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I know this post may be a lil late because the jump for the +J Collection was last Thursday, however the collection is still going strong at Uniqlo’s flagship store in Soho [Excuse the clarity of these pics, they were taken on my cell]. I went the day that the collection was released but apparently I went at the opportune time because I was in line for like 7 MINUTES…

…The exclusivity was presented in the form of white drapes forming a partition from the rest of the store


…Then it got crazy on the inside…

…Of course the women had more pieces but the men had their share of eye catching separates. If your into minimal details that pop then this was the collab for you. There were some very clean looking woolens like the Chesterfield coat and the wool blazer for men, but the women had the one item that I wanted…a pea coat…

…But they had some interesting pieces that I had my eyes on. There were these khaki cotton/satin pants that had like a slight sheen to them. Then there was this cotton turtleneck long sleeve shirt with a wide, high neck that made this drapey, funnel look. There was this half zip hoodie with a black coated zipper placket that was nice too. Everyone was clamoring for the denim pinpoint oxford shirt. The blazers were nice; especially velvet one and the wool, salt and pepper looking one that had that Jil Sander cut. The outerwear was amazing too. My favorite was the down funnel hooded coat. The down jackets for men and women were also very nice. There was this reversible one for men that was navy on the outside and brown on the inside but you could cuff the sleeves so that you could see the brown inner…PUNCTILIO.


AND how could I forget the cashmere section…

…This cardigan also came in pink with gray trim. I really wanted the cashmere stole that was around the maniquin’s neck. I went back yesterday and saw that they put out the plaid shirts. I think that a +J plaid button-up would be a nice essential for that hunter gatherer look.

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October 8, 2009 at 3:13 am

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[4]u|Tø Know: Hellz Bellz Sample SALE!

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LADIES in the New York area, here’s your opportunity to stay ahead of the class! Hellz Bellz is having a SALE, 100% samples, 100% straight from the cutting room floor. Don’t sleep!!!

Dates: Saturday — October 10th (10/10) & Sunday — October 11th (10/11)

Times: 12pm – 7pm E.S.T.

Location: 151 Orchard St. (between Rivington St. & Stanton St.), New York, NY 10012

Contact: (212) – 253 – 0588

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October 6, 2009 at 1:01 pm


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Here’s your quick u|T|ø doubleshot — everything you missed or need to be reminded of:

  • Louis Vuitton show will be LIVE streamed via Facebook on 10/7 @ 2:30pm (Paris time). Read here. Watch here.
  • Coach sues Target for copycat designs and patchwork. Read here.
  • Timberland x Wyclef collaborate on a footwear project benefiting the Yele Haiti foundation. Read here.
  • Topshop x Kate Moss collection preview. View here.
  • Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection first look. View here.
  • Vivienne Westwood S/S 2010 show for Paris Fashion Week. Watch here.
  • Comme des Garcons announces bag collection inspired by The Beatles. Read here.

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u|T|ø presents…Søled (ØUT)

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>> Urban Grads and Graduettes, today we’re introducing a new advice column, Søled (ØUT) by The Couthless Suit. As you guessed, this column will speak directly to the inner-sneakerhead, or that kicks-lover residing within us all. Send your questions, discussion topics, or “in need of advice” emails to urbantakeout@great8productions.com and The CS will kick game proper. Enjoy the first of many entries!

“Dear CS, I’m a young single female with a VERY mean shoe game. Recently, my male friends and I had a conversation about chicks & kicks, in which they told me that guys actually bond better with women who have “dope sneakers” as well as heels. I’m the type of lady who never owned a pair of “J’s, Forces, or Dunks”. And, while I LOVE my Rousseaus and Balenciagas (only own a couple though), I’m in dire need of some suggestions for ORIGINAL, fly she-sneakers. Please help!” – Lady Louboutin, Atlanta.

Lady Louboutin,

First let me applaud your male friends for hipping you to this little known fact. Women wonder why their “flawless shoe game” only attracts men with “one thing on their mind”, and yet you only wear one type of shoe. It can’t be strappy heels and dressy flats all the time ladies, its time to diversify your footwear portfolio. Fact: Guys love watching women with a good shoe game and a mean ass walk. Fact: Guys love women with whom they can relate. Sneaks are just one of the many avenues that lower guys’ emotional defensive shields.

That being said, you can’t go wrong with a fly pair of mid–hi top sneaker. Creative Recreation is doing some really good things with women’s shoes where they capture the essence of what it is to be feminine without losing touch with that gritty street appeal. Nike Blazers also tend to do a great job of producing that hybrid sexy street hipster aura. Color combos are usually out of this world for both Creative Rec and the Blazers, not to mention the intermingling of different textures and fabrics. http://www.pickyourshoes.com/is a great starting point; call it “A dummy’s guide to fly ass kicks”. Good luck, and whatever you do, make it believably yours.

– The CS

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October 2, 2009 at 1:49 pm

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u|T|ø endorses…Public School

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Very rarely do we come across brands that effectively merge conceptual wear with practicality. In the case of Public School, their S/S 2010 line accomplishes the unlikely. The collection, which is inspired by The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, offers some of the most stunning pieces I’ve seen from any brand for that season. Raw materials blended with synthetic….in a manner that comes off as Nuvo — not contrived; It doesn’t get much better than that.

We’ve been watching Public School’s collections for the past few seasons. One of the dopest things about this brand is that it actually takes risks! Their craftsmanship is superb, but more impressive is the subtle sense of maturity that comes with each collection; it’s almost as if there’s an organic progression in construction, concept, and presentation.

If you haven’t got the picture by now, Urban Grads, you should renew your Public School spirit! Support quality, support conceptualization, and support practicality.







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October 2, 2009 at 8:42 am