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I know it’s last minute, but hey…better late than never.

Fellas…repeat the golden rule: Keep it simple. Tonight is about celebrating the successful completion of a year, while crossing the threshold into a new one. Let your outfit symbolize the transition.

As I usually suggest, I think it’s essential to wear TAILORED pieces tonight. You want 2010 to run ‘true-to-size’! That means, slacks + blazers (if you can whip double-breasted…do it). As far as shirts go…I like black tuxedo shirts personally (adds a dimension of texture). But whatever you pick — be sure it is CLEAN, PRESSED with a collar that won’t wilt like those cheap roadside roses people sell. (Need examples…see Maxwell & Trey Songz)

Your statement piece tonight will be either of 3 things: your time piece, your shoes, or your neckwear — that is all.

Time piece – Your watch will speak volumes. It’s strong, consistent, dependable — and it serves a vital purpose — just like you will in 2010.

Footwear – Your hard bottoms will represent your ambition in 2010. Cool yet active (hopefully, you’ll be dancing), durable yet flexible, not kickin’ it too much, but definitely handling business.

Neckwear – Your neckwear (including ties, bow ties, ascots, and scarves) is a 2009 reminder. Protect the things that matter, be secure in yourself and your accomplishments, but don’t be afraid to loosen it up for something or someone special.

And with that….Cheers!


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December 31, 2009 at 5:01 pm

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