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Denimation 201: Organic [awr-gan-ik]

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Urban Graduates,

Class is in session once again on the subject that all fashionistas, trendsetters, and tastemakers alike relish in discussing.  Lesson 2: ORGANIC denim…the Green Life.  Since GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK in 2008 and probably beyond, I’m going to talk about the jeans that Mother Nature herself would wear.  Trust me, you won’t look like a stylish tree-hugger when you go organic because organic denim looks like any other premium denim.  Off course the big names are jumping on the green bandwagon…7forallmankind, LeVI’S, and Nudie Jeans to name a few…





Here are a pair of jeans from the LeVI’S Eco line [Sidenote…the cut of the pockets on these jeans makes for not very effective pockets.  Stuff will fall out all the time if the jeans aren’t fitted enough]. 





Up next, are a pair of organic Nudie Jeans for women with the Yosemite wash.  [I really didn’t understand how the organic cotton used for the denim was really beneficial to the environment, but Nudie clears that all up on their website…”Denim is made of cotton, which causes great damage to our environment both in terms of water consumption (7000 to 29.000 litres of water for each kilogram of ready garment) and in terms of poisonous substances and insecticides. Cotton fields stand for 25% of all insecticides worldwide!”*].  So apparently, producing the denim organically is more ecologically friendly.



BUT…being that I’m an Urban Grad, you know I have to root for the underdogs doing their thing as well.  Here are a pair of organic jeans from Sharkah Chakra:



However, KUYICHI claims to have been using organic cotton for their jeans since 2001 (LeVI’S started in 2006).  So if this is true, big shout out to their group for being style innovators and therein true Urban Graduates.  



*(above quote courtesy of http://nudiejeans.com/thisisnudie/organic.php)


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October 13, 2008 at 8:27 am

Denimation 201: Selvedge [sel-vij]

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Urban Graduates,

This is lesson one in a class about the wonderful world of denim.  The class on what denim actually is was covered in Denimation 101…but that was the basics.  As Urban Graduates you are now specializing in the fashion field so there is no need to backtrack.  Lesson 1: You say selvage…I say SELVEDGE.  

Selvedge, or “self-edge” denim has always been hot but pricey because of its high quality.  Selvedge denim is made on old-style shuttle looms that produces a narrower fabric than the newer and more commonly used projectile loom.  This produces a more tightly weaved denim that lasts longer.  In Selvedge denim, you can see the actual edge in the outseam where the weaving has stopped (as opposed to projectile looms where the fabric has been cut off at the ends resulting in lighter and less durable jeans).  The selvedge edge is usually stitched with a colored thread…red being the most common.  In the past, to acquire a pair of selvedge jeans you would have to buy some vintage jeans or go to Japan.  Prices for a pair of premium selvedge jeans usually range somewhere from 200-300 U.S. dollars.  But now, thanks to Uniqlo (they’re the “Japanese H&M”) you can acquire a pair of premium selvedge jeans for around eighty bucks.  Unsure if the jeans are selvedge…cuff em and look for the signature selvedge edges located along the outseam of the jeans!

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June 17, 2008 at 5:57 am