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Texas Iconic Boot Returns

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Every region across the nation has their ICONIC shoe. Northeast — yall own Timbs (Wheat seems to be the standard). West — Vans & Chucks, (depending on if you Go Dumb or Jerk). And then there’s….the 3rd Coast — specifically TEXAS. They are responsible for the POLO BOOT, period. For those who are 3rd ward born and raised, but not in Texas anymore (i.e. The Urbane Epicurean), the re-release is scheduled for today, 7/16 [at David Z. – 556 Broadway (between Prince and Spring st.) New York, NY 10012] and tomorrow, 7/17, online. Grab a pair,  throw on some screw, and commence leeeeeanin’!


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July 16, 2009 at 11:03 am

(Kanye + LV) x HighSnobiety = Photoshoot

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KW x LV photoshoot

 Take one of the most anticipated footwear collaborations (Kanye West x Louis Vuitton), cross it with an ill photographer (Daniela Muller-Brunke), and what do you get?? A well-done visual presentation of iconic footwear, quarterbacked by Highsnobiety.

Enjoy the rest of the experience here.

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June 26, 2009 at 10:12 am

Greek 2 Chic: Timepieces

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There are days when you want to show your organizational pride in a subtle manner and a pin won’t do it. Opt for a fashionable timepiece instead. Wristwatches can be an understated accessory by day and the key to your ensemble by night. Leave the utilitarian stainless steel band behind and put on a more expressive watch instead. Do remember to keep everything in proportion. Larger pieces are intended for the weekend and larger body frames, so make your acquisitions accordingly.

FROGS ::  A Bathing Ape

POODLES ::&::  CENTAURS :: Nixon

DOGS :: Vestal Zeppelin

RABBITS ::&::  DUCKS ::  Gucci ::&::  Bramford Rolex ID

APES ::  Bell & Ross

– Winston


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June 19, 2009 at 9:12 am

The Urban Graduette: Don’t Wear Fur…Wear MINX

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Urban Graduettes if you really wanna get your PUNCTILIO game up then check out Minx Nail Coverings! These nail coverings are the perfect blatant understatements when your talking on your cell phone or when you “firmly grasp the last pair of Jimmy Choo’s on sale” (That’s what it says on the official site). The nail covering designs range from alligator skin to distressed leather to “cheeta.”

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June 18, 2009 at 10:58 am

Get Familiar: Manga Wedges

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These vixens are bad as hell! The white and black colorway is so clean. Not to mention they look like they are from an episode of Robotech. While I enjoy the classics I am partial to techy-inspired designs. You may not know of him yet, but look out for Liam Fahy, the designer of these “beau|Ties.”

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June 8, 2009 at 12:11 am

RecessionPrøøf 220: The Rick Owens L[oo]k

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The objective of our new category, RecessionProof 220, is to simply provide dependable suggestions of things/items that will contribute to your style, with out contributing to your debt. These items are virtually inelastic — they won’t fluctuate with the economy, they won’t depreciate in value over time, and they won’t need a billion-dollar bailout. “Why?” you ask….because Urban Graduates deserve it.

So here is the Rick Owens look at a WAAAY more affordable price.

Zip Bat Shoulder Dress by BLAK

Black cotton jersey square hood tank dress by Complex Geometries

WeSC Eve Jean

Buckled up wedge by We Who See

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May 13, 2009 at 11:01 am


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I just thought I would play a little game with the readers. The rules are simple…name each sneaker’s designer brand (not just designers because a designer for one brand might have his own brand too…hint, hint) but only the ones where you can see both pairs. And you thought you and your dudes were ON IT. You gotta love Paris street fashion. Anyway, comment and let me know what you come up with. And of course I already know the right answers. Lol.

I should go further and ask from what season too…For more pics featuring “on-it” crews like this check out Jak & Jil Blog.

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May 1, 2009 at 4:48 pm

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The Urban Graduette [ankle.support]

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OK ladies it’s pretty obvious that most of the hi-profile hi-tops of the season have been for men. So here are some I found (besides the Upper Echelon hi-tops) for the young women who have a little monetary pool on the side for splurging.

Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 women’s sneaker

Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 sneaker [back]

These MMMs are my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the construction and the fact that they show skin, or the fact that the colorway is “nude.” (Take note of the famous Margiela trademark on the underside of the tongue…fabric with the numbers 0 through 23. He did kind of Mike Jordan the fashion game though. Lol)

Y-3 Kimpu sneaker

Y-3 Kimpu sneaker

Y-3 Kimpu sneaker [back]

Essential…all white hi-top for the summer. ‘Nuff said.

Adidas Nizza Hi-top

“Icccey “…not in a sleazy voice. (It looks like they have the wrong shoe stuffer in the sneaker. It’s making it bulge up in the middle)

Free People Cinched High Top sneaker

cinchedhightopsneaker3Cinched Hi-Top sneaker [side]

I’m loving the gathering on these bad girls…right down the middle of the shoe, no laces. These are definitely statement pieces. You gotta make sure that these standout so subdue the outfit, keep the colors light.

Greek 2 Chic: Captain of my Sole

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As we’ve said time and time again, the Spring is all about COLOR. Greeks, this is your time to shine. When you’re fresh off of a probate, it’s a must to have elite footwork to match those elite letters. Let’s go IN!!

FROGS (Nike GTS, Reebok TopDown, Sanuk No-Tanline Thongs, Adidas Camou Pack Flip Flop)


AKA Spring '09

DOGS (Air Jordan 1 Low Phat, Lakers Colorway; NIKE SB Skater Boys 90’s Pack; Adidas Originals Gazelle)

Que Spring '09

DOVES(Supra Low Spring 09 Collection; NIKE Air Force 2 Freshwater colorway)

Sigma Spring '09

DUCK(Puma First Round; Marc Jacobs Flip-Flops)

DST Spring '09

APES(NIKE SB Premium Blazer Kiss; NIKE Blazer Premium Gold & Black Colorway)


RABBITS(Supra Muska Skytop Burgundy Pack; NIKE Air Jordan 1 Hare 2)

Kappa Spring '09

CATS (Jack Purcell Blue Canvas)

Zeta Spring '09

CENTAURS (NIKE Terminator Wildwood Woven Pack)

Iota Spring '09

POODLES (Nike Dunk x Liberty; Adidas Nizza Stripes Consortium; Lacoste Tennis 91 x Croc Mythology, West Africa Pack)

SGRho Spring '09

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April 10, 2009 at 2:34 pm

Get Familiar: Her Object Essential.2

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This one is for Ms. Fashion-In-Motion herself…and all the other urban graduettes. This is a Spring follow-up to the original post. Here are a few accessories that I think you Triple F’s [Fashion Forward Females] will enjoy…or at least enjoy looking at.

Get Familiar: “Formal” Sneakers [CK.C-09]

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Remember how I said that Spring was the time for white sneakers? Well remember how I also said that Spring was the time for colorful accessories? Your answer should be a resounding yes. Here’s an urban grad glance at my favorite sneakers for the Spring…HANDS DOWN. Almost every designer, streetwear brand and celebrity has presented their take on the hi-top sneaker. I appreciate the Calvin Klein Collection Spring/Summer ’09 sneakers for deciding to show us the other away.

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March 31, 2009 at 10:56 am

u|T|ø Endorses…Vaca-Shades

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Like the swimsuits, these are another Lenny Leleu original. These plexiglass and steel shades are…DIG THIS…from her graduation collection at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. Now I have three favorite Belgians; Ms. Leleu, Kris Van Assche and the elusive Raf Simons. Urban graduettes, these are definitely a good look for the Spring. These shades come in a white and orange colorway, but they are pricey as hell. Last time I checked, I found a pair for $498…yeeEAH. Maybe eBay can help you out on this one.

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March 25, 2009 at 9:47 am