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First|Løøk: Burberry 2010

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Is that Hermione Granger??? Yes — it is…and she’s with two other blokes (one is her lil brother) modeling the upcoming Spring 2010 line by Burberry. The latest ad campaign features some striking pieces from three Burberry signature collections, Prorsum, London, & Brit. Take a gander!

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January 7, 2010 at 2:21 am

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u|T|ø endorses…B-Side

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One of the best ways for women to add character to any outfit during the Fall/Winter season is to take FULL advantage of unique accessories. Sure, everyone is gonna have a scarf or a bracelet here and there, but how many ladies will have truly eye-catching pieces? ….riiiiiight…not many.

Insert B-Side by Ken & Dana. Their latest accessories collection features a variety of exotic, vibrant pieces. B-Side recreates the modern accessory by using geometrical shapes and mixing them with fluid, yet textured staples like silk scarves and beaded neckwear. The dopest thing about these accessories is that they actually have VOLUME! Chunky accessories are GREAT complements to fall/winter wears. Kudos to B-Side for being bold in the fall, and kudos to the Graduettes with enough moxie to pull of these accessories.



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October 28, 2009 at 1:37 am

An[atom]y of the Hobo Bag

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Hobo Bags

I admit, I absolutely love to walk the subtle path were fashion meets convenience! And as of late,  The Hobo Bag is MY #1 TRAVEL BUDDY . So as a guest writer, fashionista, and Urban Graduette, I wanted to share the things that I think make THE perferct Hobo bag.

The first thing I think about is the “Slouch Factor”. I need it to be very duffle-like, with slack in the right places — like the ends. You can usually tell this when you put it on your shoulder. If the slack is still there, that’s the one.

See by Chloe' -- Slouch FactorMichael Kors -- Slouch FactorBottega Veneta -- Slouch Factor

The next thing I look for is the “Openness” of the bag. I like to have enough space to fit a pair of shoes inside, along with my iPhone, pocketbook, my makeup….and the list of essentials goes on. Basically, it should be roomy, but not overly spacious.

See by Chloe' -- Openness Michael Kors -- OpennessBottega Veneta -- Openness

The final thing, and my personal favorite, is the “Hidden Treat”. I love bags that have neat details — like special key chains, textures, light ornate accents. THIS adds the spice to the bag!

See by Chloe' -- Hidden TreatMichael Kors -- Hidden TreatBottega Veneta -- Hidden Treat

Just my lil take on Hobo Bags. Anatomy 101

– K.S.

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February 4, 2009 at 1:51 pm

Valentine’s Day [Preview]

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Our Valentine’s Day essentials series will be posted at the end of this week. Here’s a little something to wet your whistle..

Cupid's Preview Collage

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February 3, 2009 at 11:38 am

Greek 2 Chic: Elephants | The Re-up

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Let’s kick 2009 off properly with an [Urban+Take(øut)] post for the DevaSTating Divas. Ladies, we know that Crimson is the preferred color to wrap yourselves in — but don’t be afraid to change the game (as if you didn’t see that coming) by playing with neutrals and monochromatic grays. Check out some of the looks we’ve hunted down:

DeSTined for Leisure (Lacoste + BDG)


* The stressed crewneck sweater…yea, that’s “Blockbuster Movie night” sexy.

Dangerously STunning (ASOS)


* These numbers are TOUGH!! Bow at the small of the back?? That’s just “add-water-and stir-BADness”. And, you can play with the leggings/tights to change the dynamic of the dresses.

Dope-girl STatus (NYC Boutique + Nooka + BDG + Rubber Duck)


*Plaid is apparently the new black. The watch is a low-key shout out to the Ques. And, look at the DUCK on the patent leather oxfords!! That’s just ill.

Detailed STylishly (Lowie + ASOS + Puma)


* Those mittens, absolutely unique. In fact, I’m 100% sure that no one has them, and once you cop them…folks will be jockin hard.

Divine STems (Louboutin + DSquared2)


*Umm….recession…hell, these just might be worth the debt. Beyonce….yea, she rocked the lightning bolt heels about a few weeks back — time for you to be SashaFierce (or whomever your alter ego is).

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January 1, 2009 at 4:20 am

u|T|ø Endorses…Margaux Lange

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This female jewelry designer has created pieces of wearable art out of figures from the iconic BARBIE doll line.  I mean SHE USES ACTUAL BARBIE DOLL PARTS.  Some of these pieces are straight out and truly bizarre…but that’s what I like about them.  My favorite pieces are the ones where she has that are centered around Ken’s and Barbie’s 47-year relationship (now that’s love).  In my opinion, this jewelry is an acquired taste and seems to be something that can be taken in small doses.  One critic said that separating women’s bodies into parts perpetuates the objectification of women.  REALLY…not that serious.  Enjoy the art for what it is.  Barbie is Ms. Lange’s muse, so let her do what she does.


Check out the other pieces from Margaux Lange.

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November 12, 2008 at 8:13 am