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[4]u|Tø Know: Philly Foundation Art Show

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LISTEN UP!! Grads and Graduettes in the Philly region, support our boy, artist extraordinaire Eric Jordan on SEPT. 23rd for the Philly Foundation Art Show. Trust and believe…it’s gonna be dope. Read more here.

This Urban Grad tecccchnically needs no introduction (especially if you’ve seen THAT Notorious B.I.G. tee by RockSmith). Put it this way, if we had to sum our boy up in 2 words….they’d be…..YOUNG BASQUIAT. Given his natural artistic abilities, keen eye for color, and insightful selection of subjects, this installment won’t be anything short of magnificent.

Be on the lookout for the e. jordan EXCLUSIVE interview!!

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September 22, 2009 at 6:10 pm

The Urban Graduate: [cur.io]

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“…Statuettes’ X eyes on those graffiti’d dolls/ my ghetto b****es ask why, I say ‘It’s just be KAWS’…” – Malice (of  The Clipse)

With all the added pressures of professional life, bills, and grown-up responsibilities, sometimes Urban Grads forget that we are still YOUNG! One of the best ways to infuse that “youthful spirit” is to keep a toy or two around (ok, minds out of the gutter, everybody). The Urban Grad Curio is much more than an action figure — it’s a 5-inch objet d’art… with Kung-Fu Grip. Here are some reasons why you should step your “Curio Game” up:


1. Be@rbrick is cool. Period. (We’ve been through this before, Bearbrick releases items in limited series, blind boxes, and always delivers creative collaborations)

Stussy x Reas Be@rbrick by Medicom Toys

Stussy x Undefeated Full Metal Jacket Be@rbrickLeilow Hawaii x Medicom Be@rbrickAnt x Medicom Be@rbrick 400%Levi's x Medicom


2. Many of the toys are designed by world-renown artists, i.e. KAWS. (see verse/quote above, and then proceed to Pharrell’s or Lupe’s personal collections)

'Chum' character by KAWS for Original Fake

Kaws Companion Keychain Toys


3. (You) + (Japanese Art) = Urban Art Maven. (The artistic culture of Japanese toys has been around for DECADES…are you just now catching on?)

BAPE x Teriyaki Boyz Figures

Inochi Toys by Takashi Murakami

4. They’re Small, Detailed, and EXTREMELY collectible! (A single toy can cost anywhere from $8, i.e.  King Ken by Amos, to $450, i.e. Futura Nosferatu statuette — consider each toy an asset that can appreciate with time).

PAWS! Figure by Coarsetoys

PAWS! PackagingPAWS! Packaging

Coarse x Rotofugi Jaws


5. Several suggest, “Hey, I’m a Kid at heart”. BUT, thousands suggest, “Hey, I’m a Kid…and I still prefer pajamas that have footies attached.” (Just like buying framed artwork, make your selections wisely. Be sure that the fun-factor and the art factor are in a balance that reflects your lifestyle).

Throwback Collection by Stussy x Reas x Medicom

Michael Lau Csbooth FiguresMichael Lau FigureLML Edition by Michael Lau x Silly Thingmichael-lau-figures-1

At my office desk: King Ken

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June 26, 2009 at 10:46 am

Get Familiar: Pocket Protectors

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If there were one understatement item to invest in this year, it would have to be the pocket square. In the eye of this recession, fashion is turning to it’s simple roots. In that transition, the age-old handkerchief has taken front seat, bringing a variety of contemporary designs along with it. And although traditionally male, square silks have become a clever accessory for women too (often larger and more vibrant). GET FAMILIAR!!

Silk Pocket Squares by Liberty of London

The color pallets and artistic details are what propel the new breed of pocket squares. Check out Liberty of London, they have a nice variety of squares and small silk scarves for both men and women.

Large Blue Peacock Silk Square by Liberty of LondonLarge Blue Peacock Silk Square Zoom shot

Pink Ianthe Silk Twill Square by Liberty of LondonPink Ianthe Silk Twill Square Zoom shot

Red Hera Silk Twill Square by Liberty of LondonRed Hera Silk Twill Square Zoom shot

And just in case you need some advice on how to fold one….

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January 28, 2009 at 11:04 am

Evan Roth + Jay-Z + Santogold = INSPI(RED)

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       220px-evanroth-at-eyebeam           Nets Knicks Basketball6a00d834cad15053ef00e5522e5c448834-800wi   biggie-crown1



*This was a collaboration inspired by the Red and the Global Fund (HIV/AIDS Prevention) and will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie chronicling the life of Christopher Wallace. The link below the pictures…..pure ART for the Urban Graduate Soul. Break bread.

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December 3, 2008 at 12:12 am

The Urban Graduate [art.it.seams]

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Urban Graduates, here is a chance to show your artistic side (since your creativity is already apparent by your clothes).  T-shirts are one of the most prominent mediums used in the Streetwear world.  At times, tees can become drab, cliche’, or even overworked.  How many times have to seen a tee with “F%#K B#%CHES, GET MONEY” on it or something similar to that?  How many times have you seen a tee with like 30 different ornate, floral type vectors, gold foil, and a skull somewhere on it?…RIGHT.  Urban Grads have more to express than that.  So here is another question I pose to you Urban Grads out there, when you create what is your muse?  Whether you are an aspiring actor, entertainer, or designer, everyone has something that inspires them to create.  Maybe yours is music from RD IOHEA_D.  Every band has a tee with their insignia on it, but RADIOHEAD tees always have a message; whether it be a satire on society or an observation of personal relationships.  They really present the message in a way that translates into great designs.

                                                                           These tees come from the RADIOHEAD official merchandise website. 

These Jean-Michel BASQUIAT print tees are live too!  I believe that Basquiat, along with his pal Andy Warhol, are the forefathers of the pop art movement…and pop art is on a lot of my favorite tees.  Basquiat is no doubt an Urban Graduate.  He started out as a graffitti artist in NY, but he became one of the most influential, Neo-expressionist artists of his time and modern day.  Throughout his career he used his medium to express his concern with his own mortality and interest in his black identity.  From the works I have seen, it appears that he was concerned with the negative characterizations of blacks in America.  Even though his message may have been unpalatable to some it was presented in a visually pleasing, yet intense manner.



(Uniqlo used to have a series of t-shirts that featured prints of Basquiat’s art, but I don’t think that they are available anymore — consult Ebay.)

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October 15, 2008 at 1:17 am