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5 Spots You’ll Shop, and They Won’t

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Most of us take pride in purchasing items that no one else (we know) has. So we go OUT OF OUR WAY to find the boutiques, fashion nooks & crannies, and stylish cubby holes in our respective cities. The worst part is when you THINK you bought something that “merges” you into the exclusive lane — only to discover, your best friend’s roomate has the same damn shirt! [Urban+Take(øut)]  is here to lend a helping hand in the matter. Here’s 5 resources to give you that consumer edge:



This is like a virtual marketplace. Home to thousands of private (and independent) vendors, ETSY is the spot you hit for one-of-a-kind items. Get anything from handmade jewelry to custom bags. I guarantee that no one will be able to find that knitted scarf you purchase from Etsy. *Men’s & Women’s.



Fellas, this is where you solidify your “BOSS” status. The reason why Oki-Ni is so exclusive is simple — there’s a barrier to entry! Most people can’t afford to rock this stuff. It’s practically a web-stock of the high-fashion, designer label, boutique-ready wears. If you have the paycheck to do so, I’d recommend making this your spot for go-to designer sneakers (Ato, Raf Simons, Jil Sanders), tees, and denim. **Men’s Only.



Ladies, ASOS has some of the best WEARABLE contemporary designs I’ve seen. The variety is large, and they tend to run very true to size. Finally, the items are AFFORDABLE (within a realistic fashion budget). Don’t sleep on this honeycomb hideout. *Men’s and Women’s. 



Newsflash — You….AND EVERYBODY ELSE shop(s) at H&M. What TopShop and TopMan present is a formidable alternative. In my opinion, they have better constructed trendy garments. If there were a Trendy Wears Totem, it would have Forever 21 at the bottom, then H&M, then TopShop/TopMan, and finally Uniqlo at the apex (very hard to get in the U.S.). Act accordingly. *Women’s/Men’s.



One of my personal favorites, Karmaloop is the Mecca of (Indie) Streetwear. I mean, all the Crooks&Castles, LRG, Supra and MTTM you ever wanted is right here. Only drawback is….they are an electromagnet! This site is HEAVILY frequented, and so you might run the risk of purchasing a product that someone within 2 degrees of your social circle owns (i.e. Supras, Creative Rec, OBEY). *Men’s & Women’s.

**Honorable mentions: Uniqlo.com, Net-a-Porter.com.

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January 12, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Get Familiar: Her Object Essential

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We all know how a woman’s accessory game is sometimes more important than the actual outfit.  Well, seems like most Graduettes know that.  I mean keffiyehs are cool for women, but there are so many different scarves and knit wraps coming out for “She-Grads” this Fall.  I mean, real talk, women HAVE to have a harder time with accessory-picking.  The gamut of clutches, totes, scarves, belts, jewelry, hats, etc. runs deep like the Yangtze River.  BUT, with the proper fashion flotation device, a woman can survive the overpowering current of decision to show others that her ability to accessorize is strong.  Quote me on that.