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Daft Punk x Hedi Slimane

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I know these action figures have been out since like 2005, when Hedi Slimane was still with the house of Dior, but I wanted to bring attention to the “liveness” of this collabo. It’s an interesting, but not surprising, combination of Japanese toy company x international, star fashion designer x acclaimed electronic music duo. The fact that Mr. Slimane dressed these Daft Punk figures is second only to the attention paid to detail. For some reason I don’t really think the $230 price tag is that bad…I guess my OCD gives me a profound appreciation for artful detail.


Check out the Daft Punk 400% Be@rbrick 2-Pack

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February 1, 2009 at 3:10 pm

u|T|ø Endorses…Be@rbrick!

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Who says adults can’t have toys anymore??

Be@rbrick is a toy made by MediCom Toy Inc. and the company is best known for its visual collaborations. Imagine mashing up a plastic 9 piece Berenstein bear with some of the illest designers like Kaws and Nigo. As basic as it may seem, these toys follow some pretty interesting themes, ranging from patterned bears, to film-inspired bears (i.e. Kill Bill), and (in this case) even Breast-Cancer Awareness bears. What makes these things so dope is that they’re limited, rarely re-released, and extreeeeeemely unpredictable. The dang toy comes in a BLIND BOX**!! (TRANSLATION: you can’t see what bear is inside, until you purchase and open the box up) How Exclusive is that?! I don’t even think Santa’s Elves can get a hold of one of these joints.

** Now I know some of yall are reading this like…”Ninja Please, that ain’t FRESH!! How you gonna camouflage the thing I’m tryna purchase?!” But think about it….if you could see the object inside, would it make it more or less desirable..?

Chanel Be@rbrick

Layered Wood Be@rbrick

Kill Bill Be@rbrick

Bathing Ape Be@rbrick


Mastermind Japan Be@rbrick

[the clothing line behind the infamous $1,000 t-shirt]

Daft Punk Be@rbrick

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Be@rbrick

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October 3, 2008 at 4:57 pm