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The smARTORIALIST: Ms. Reese

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I just wanted to put the spotlight on a person who is doing their thing in fashion industry, and has been for some time now.  Not ONLY is this person holding it down but they are becoming a powerhouse in the fashion industry because their use of “unusual textures and colors, often with a touch of vintage* has captured the attention and the money of many high-profile celebs such as Beyonce KnowlesEva Longoria and Tyra Banks.  What makes this person more than just another successful fashion designer is that they are one of the industry’s most successful AFRICAN-AMERICAN female designers.  This is a very great achievement in an industry where african-american representation, as far as designers and models, leaves a lot to be desired…

Pastel Garden Dress

…In an industry where most of the recognized black fashion designers were already celebrities before their lines were released, it is refreshing to see someone who uses their ingenuity and creativity to sell their designs and not their celebrity status.  No offense to the entertainers turned fashionistas (or maybe it’s fashionISTOS for the males…), but TRACY REESE is the TRUTH like the murder of a lie.  However Urban Graduettes I understand that not everybody has runway money; so Ms. Reese also offers a more affordable line geared at the younger crowd called Plenty sold at Anthropologie stores which are  also in cahoots with Urban Outfitters.

Raven Print DressSequin Rose Top

I had to put this  raven feather-print  shift dress up here because I’m just  digging the print.  I  don’t know why but  it reminds me of  some  Edgar  Allan  Poe surrealist type  garment.  I could  see it in like a Tim  Burton  movie or  something.  AND I know that you can’t tell from the pic on the right but the whole top is sequins.  That floral pattern is pretty intricate.  BUT that is  neither here nor there, the purpose of this post was to bring awareness.  So  until next time…stay informed.  THANK YOU MISS REESE.

* (above quote courtesy of http://www.answers.com/topic/tracy-reese)


Written by great8productions

September 22, 2008 at 9:55 pm