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An[atom]y of the Hobo Bag

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Hobo Bags

I admit, I absolutely love to walk the subtle path were fashion meets convenience! And as of late,  The Hobo Bag is MY #1 TRAVEL BUDDY . So as a guest writer, fashionista, and Urban Graduette, I wanted to share the things that I think make THE perferct Hobo bag.

The first thing I think about is the “Slouch Factor”. I need it to be very duffle-like, with slack in the right places — like the ends. You can usually tell this when you put it on your shoulder. If the slack is still there, that’s the one.

See by Chloe' -- Slouch FactorMichael Kors -- Slouch FactorBottega Veneta -- Slouch Factor

The next thing I look for is the “Openness” of the bag. I like to have enough space to fit a pair of shoes inside, along with my iPhone, pocketbook, my makeup….and the list of essentials goes on. Basically, it should be roomy, but not overly spacious.

See by Chloe' -- Openness Michael Kors -- OpennessBottega Veneta -- Openness

The final thing, and my personal favorite, is the “Hidden Treat”. I love bags that have neat details — like special key chains, textures, light ornate accents. THIS adds the spice to the bag!

See by Chloe' -- Hidden TreatMichael Kors -- Hidden TreatBottega Veneta -- Hidden Treat

Just my lil take on Hobo Bags. Anatomy 101

– K.S.

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February 4, 2009 at 1:51 pm