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[4]u|Tø Know: Philly Foundation Art Show

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LISTEN UP!! Grads and Graduettes in the Philly region, support our boy, artist extraordinaire Eric Jordan on SEPT. 23rd for the Philly Foundation Art Show. Trust and believe…it’s gonna be dope. Read more here.

This Urban Grad tecccchnically needs no introduction (especially if you’ve seen THAT Notorious B.I.G. tee by RockSmith). Put it this way, if we had to sum our boy up in 2 words….they’d be…..YOUNG BASQUIAT. Given his natural artistic abilities, keen eye for color, and insightful selection of subjects, this installment won’t be anything short of magnificent.

Be on the lookout for the e. jordan EXCLUSIVE interview!!

Written by great8productions

September 22, 2009 at 6:10 pm