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The SmARTORIALIST: Knit Ties…Spring’s Underdog Story

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There once was a little cravat named, Knit. Knit was unlike all the other ties in his class. Knit was flexible. Knit had texture. When properly looped, Knit would make a variety of masculine, yet sophisticated knots about the neck. But all his classmates made fun of him, because he lacked ‘a point’. The pointy ties were favorites among all the power players; you know, businessmen — captains of industry. Knit’s pointy collegues were traditional, accepted by EVERYONE, and thus, far more popular than knit could ever hope to be.

But one day, the Bold Graduate came along. Debonnaire, in an artsy-book-smartsy kind of way. He was respected and reputable, well-versed and cultured. The Bold Graduate approached the class of cravats — poised and perspicaciously. He once-overed the Broad, Power ties — quickly writing them off for being too ostentatious and gaudy. The narrow, yet structured Repp ties desparately grabbed his attention, causing the Bold Graduate to vacillate a bit. Eventually, he broke their subdued trance and moved beyond them as well. Skinny, Bow, and Ascot…all starved for attention; he would not indulge them on this day. Finally, in his periphery stood Knit — bashful and quiet — yet, confident.

The Bold Graduate was intrigued by Knit’s humility. Knit seemed to get along with EVERYTHING knit came in contact with. Knit was refined, and had an accent. Most of all, Knit, by design, did not look like everyone else — The Bold Graduate could identify with that wholly. The Bold Graduate and Knit went on to become great friends, showing Spring how to be a modern rebel…and to look good while doing it. The END.

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April 9, 2010 at 1:15 pm

Class|in|Session: The Nifty Knot

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I saw this on the Sartorialist‘s blog and thought to myself, ‘Hmm…this would be a nice little jewel for our grads and graduettes to have — especially since scarves are a year-round accessory’.

Thank you, random street guy. Your nifty knot will serve us all.

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April 9, 2010 at 12:04 pm

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First|Løøk: Kitsune’ Woman – Fall 2010

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The creative minds over at Kitsune’ are making a bold statement for Autumn 2010, introducing Trad Fashion to it’s women’s imprint. Well — Urban Takeout is definitely NOT mad at them! The collection features some great tailored pieces, with vivid tonality and sophisticated silhouettes that scream “Yaleharvardcornellumbiaversity”. I’m a huge fan of the tops, infusing the rounded collars to create a softer, feminine ‘Ivy League chic‘ look. Kudos…like the throwback snackbar.

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April 9, 2010 at 11:13 am

Get Familiar: The Playsuit

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I’m going to step out on a limb here and guess that most women haven’t worn a playsuit since…elementary school. You remember them vaguely — they were essentially a one-piece tanktop + short set, something like overalls. Well, just like everything else making a resurgence, the Playsuit is back, in full effect. However, the modern approach to the Playsuit loses the straps, and boasts flowy, lightweight materials creating sexy-playful silhouettes. Perfect for warm-season shopping excursions, beach outtings, and midday romps, you can expect for the strapless playsuit to make a huge splash this spring and summer; Get Familiar, por favor.

Above: By Malene Birger playsuit available at Net-a-porter.

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April 8, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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Get Familiar: S-Cubed (Saks Spring Shoes)

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Ladies, Saks Fifth Avenue is releasing a timely delivery of capsule collections for you to enjoy! The collections will feature footwear from 6 of the hottest designers: Heather Williams (exclusive to Saks), Daniele Michetti (exclusive to Saks), Diego Dolcini, Gianvito Rossi, Jonathan Kelsey, and Rupert Sanderson. Here’s the statement Saks released:

“’Special Delivery to 10022-SHOE’ is about showcasing rising designers, which Saks has always believed strongly in, and layering high fashion into our core assortment,” said Ron Frasch, President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Saks Fifth Avenue. “Our shoe trend for the season is the sandal bootie and the designers of these collections offer a variety of interpretations of this must-have item.”

So, go ahead and get your sheckles together…or your sponsors (if you have one/two/more of those) and make the necessary moves to cop these!

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March 17, 2010 at 11:44 am

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The SmARTORIALIST: The Masters

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I’m perpetually astonished by men who avoid color. On every blog we’ve been featured on, every bit of style advice delivered through the u|T|o lens, we offer ‘pops of color’ as the most readily-integrable sartorial option for fellas. But, some just don’t listen.

Fine. We’re wiping the slate clean — winter is ending (slowly, esp. for mid-atlantic and northeasterners), and Spring is anxiously peering around the corner. Invest in COLOR NOW.

As guys, we have a tendency to “go COMPLETELY IN“. Why have a hamburger when I can order a STEAK (it’s ALL red meat…right)? Don’t give me a $10 haircut…I want the tapered fade, the edge up, the beard and mustache trim — why be half-assed?

Fine. Have it YOUR way.

This Spring, if you’re going to try out ‘COLOR‘…hell….GO ALL THE WAY IN. Commit entirely. Our suggestion — rock a green blazerArnold Palmer did it. Jack Nicklaus did it. Tiger Woods did it.

Green is a regal color when worn properly. In terms of hue, aim for rich tones (True Green, India Green, Hunter Green = GOOD; Chartreuse = BAD). Avoid all military greens — period. Pair with light-colored trousers (i.e. bone, white, khaki), or denim. In my opinion…pair with anything EXCEPT…more green (you will look like Leprechaun in the Hood).

Use the picture above as an example of what you want to look like….use the picture below as an example of the Jacket you want…but not the follow through you need (baby steps, baby steps). I mean, c’mon….what’s the worst that could happen — you looking like a Tournament champion fresh from Augusta??

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February 17, 2010 at 3:29 pm

Post-Valentine’s Day| The Clean-Up

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Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day — how we love thee. February 14th marks one of the most romantic, and hopefully, electric days of the year for Urban Grads & Graduettes. I’m sure yours were filled with falling rose petals, candlelit dinners, chocolate decadence, and of course…the special occasion unmentionables. But now that the the roses are wilting, candles have melted away, chocolate devoured, and the encapsulated passion has experienced its “decrescendo”… what are you going to do with THAT lingerie?!

For the good graduettes who said, “Take It with Me” — one point for you (it’s a recession, I understand — plus, lingerie is NOT cheap). For the naughty graduettes who said, “Leave It with Him” — two points for you (trust me…every guy wants to be left a pair of panties or a bra at least once in life — a token of your appreciation). Either way…the person who fails to WASH these underthings is a complete filthmonger.

Delicates are a very…well…delicate subject; caring for them can easily be over or under-estimated. Many cute bra/panties sets have been sacrificed, teddy and corsets completely ruined because of this laundry tug-of-war. Simple solution: LINGERIE BAGS.

It’s actually quite easy to protect your lingerie. Just place garments inside the lingerie bags, and wash on the DELICATE CYCLE with COLD WATER. After completion, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY — lay them out flat atop a bath towel, and let the capillary action do its thing.

Just because you washed it doesn’t mean that the memory will ever fade — you and he will know EXACTLY what made those unmentionables worth mentioning.

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February 16, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Man Cleavage | A Polite Conversation

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We’ve been tip-toeing around this issue for a while now…but after our latest distinction as style advisors for the Urban Grad, we felt it was time to bring it to the light. Fellas, we have got to establish some sort of understanding when it comes to man cleavage.

In this conversation, you will attempt to invoke such identities as Kanye West, Trey Songz, Ryan Leslie, Brad Pitt…maybe even Jude Law — save yourself the trouble. Instead focus on the facts.

FACT 1. Most men…are not celebrities. — Not to be a buzz-kill, but let’s face it, you have a total of 5 fans (most of which are related to you). The reason why Trey Songz can open his purple label shirt to the navel is because A) he thinks he’s a 70s Soul Singer reincarnate, and B) he has fans who like to see that. You, on the other hand, have obligations. You work, or you study/attend class for the majority of the week; don’t be Don Lemon M-F, then Tom Ford on Friday/Saturday Night. Two buttons undone works FINE — not too stuffy, not too flamboyant.

FACT 2. Common Man, Common Entourage. — No, I’m not talking about Vinny Chase and the gang, I’m speaking about how your favorite chest exposers roll with a solid crew — personal trainer, groomer, and tanning services. This supporting cast helps make his Pec Wedge seem flawless. Now….compare that to your posse — sometime gym, grooming optional, and…tanning is for women and wussies. Simply, you and Brad Pitt will NEVER be able to pull off the same Ocean’s 11/12/13 shirt flare because you don’t have the luxury of an ensemble whose sole purpose is to make your chest meat look alluring.

FACT 3. Respect the One-Hundred Thousand Trillion Rule. — Coined by Taco Meat King, Kanyeezy, three buttons or less should be reserved for instances where your swagger savior-faire is at one-hundred thousand trillion, and rising. Vegas — ABSOLUTELY. The Summer White Party — HAVE AT IT. The First Fridays or Young Professionals Buppie outing — NO, not at all.

Take home message — Haberdashery is an art. Know when to work within the confines, and when to step outside them. Above all, strive for a consistent message, one that reflects your lifestyle. Trust, if you can achieve this, you won’t need to base your sex appeal on the number of buttons liberated from your shirt loops.

Good talking with you.

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January 13, 2010 at 12:05 pm

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RecessionPrøøf 220: Spring, Top to Bottom

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Topshop has always been a trendy budget chic powerhouse, especially across the pond. The Spring 2010 collection showcases some familiar pieces, just with a futuristic accent. They’ve created 4 families of looks — sub-collections if you will: Parisienne, Downtown, Meadow, and Saloon. You’ll see a muted color pallete across all of the collections, but significant usage of floral patterns, mixing fabrics, bleached denim, and ornamentation consistently through the line. And as Blake VonD told you in last week’s Fashion Forward post, blazers and harem pants…in full effect. Check out some of the looks below!





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January 10, 2010 at 2:09 pm

The SmARTORIALIST: Duffle Bag Boy

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For the winter….sometimes you need that heavy duty, in-between coat (you know, not a topcoat, but not as short as a peacoat). INSERT>> the Duffle Coat! This badboy is truly a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Generally they are 3/4 length, and come with durable hoods. I’ve run across several with cashmere lining on the interior, or, simply a really unique plaid or tartan patterned interior, which adds a bit of character to your outfit. Blue and black are the most common colors — but I’m partial to the camel colored ones.

Historically, the jacket was a must among Navy shipman, artic fisherman, etc. — basically, anybody who needed to be warm at all times! The staple feature of the Duffle are the toggles (some people know them as frogs) — see below. These nifty little latch systems were essential for frigid weather — they made it possible to snap up that coat while wearing thick gloves and whatnot.

If you’re looking to complete the look, opt for a pair of dark denim, or cords. You want to push a consistent message: “weather-proof”. Top it off with a knit cap, and a pair of distressed boots or my personal fav…Redwing 875’s. Done deal.

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January 8, 2010 at 5:46 pm

First|Løøk: Burberry 2010

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Is that Hermione Granger??? Yes — it is…and she’s with two other blokes (one is her lil brother) modeling the upcoming Spring 2010 line by Burberry. The latest ad campaign features some striking pieces from three Burberry signature collections, Prorsum, London, & Brit. Take a gander!

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January 7, 2010 at 2:21 am

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Editor|Advice — NYE

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I know it’s last minute, but hey…better late than never.

Fellas…repeat the golden rule: Keep it simple. Tonight is about celebrating the successful completion of a year, while crossing the threshold into a new one. Let your outfit symbolize the transition.

As I usually suggest, I think it’s essential to wear TAILORED pieces tonight. You want 2010 to run ‘true-to-size’! That means, slacks + blazers (if you can whip double-breasted…do it). As far as shirts go…I like black tuxedo shirts personally (adds a dimension of texture). But whatever you pick — be sure it is CLEAN, PRESSED with a collar that won’t wilt like those cheap roadside roses people sell. (Need examples…see Maxwell & Trey Songz)

Your statement piece tonight will be either of 3 things: your time piece, your shoes, or your neckwear — that is all.

Time piece – Your watch will speak volumes. It’s strong, consistent, dependable — and it serves a vital purpose — just like you will in 2010.

Footwear – Your hard bottoms will represent your ambition in 2010. Cool yet active (hopefully, you’ll be dancing), durable yet flexible, not kickin’ it too much, but definitely handling business.

Neckwear – Your neckwear (including ties, bow ties, ascots, and scarves) is a 2009 reminder. Protect the things that matter, be secure in yourself and your accomplishments, but don’t be afraid to loosen it up for something or someone special.

And with that….Cheers!

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December 31, 2009 at 5:01 pm

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