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The Urban Graduate [2C+(S)]

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OK, here we go Grads. This post is what this blog is all about! This is a chance for me to make style suggestions and get your opinions. So I’ve been thinking right, what’s a good look for Spring? Then it dawned on me…a concept I call THE TWO C’s OF SPRING (COLOR + CONTRAST). Here’s the equation[2C+(S)]. The COLOR part is obvious, but the CONTRAST element is a little more involved. I’ll explain shortly. Alright, here we go from head to toe:

1. The Eyewear.

My favorite ‘eye’cessories  for this Spring are the Dior Homme “Blow” Sunglasses from the Dior Homme Spring ’09 capsule collection. These are the only white pair of sunglasses that I would rock [they also come in fuschia, royal blue, black, and orange]. There are only 500 of these being produced worldwide so the likelihood of acquiring a pair is slim like a Dior suit. But I posted these just as a reference…big, unique shades for the Spring is my suggestion [but please, no more “shutter shades”].

2. Solid, Lightweight Dress Shirt.

This zip-front dress shirt by Opening Ceremony is a novel, yet very foreseeable concept. Roll the sleeves up during the day and unroll them in the evening.

If you don’t want to do long sleeves then my suggestion is a short sleeve button-up. My favorite is the Short Sleeve Slant Placket Shirt by SHADES of GREIGE. The key is to keep the top a subdued color in order to allow the pants to play.

3. The Pants.

Here is where the CONTRAST element comes in. Since the eyewear, everything so far has been contemporary with clean lines…now is the chance to break the monotony. These J.Crew Classic Fit broken in chinos in warm ember provide the perfect break from a clean look to a more colorful, worn-in look. [Try cuffing these so that they sit slightly above the ankle].


These J.Crew Classic Fit Hook-and-Bar lightweight chinos would go best with the zip-front dress shirt because it is a much darker shade of blue. Wearing two shades of the same color can be pulled off only when the shades are significantly different from one another. Too close and it will look like you tried to match colors. [Try cuffing these so that they sit slightly above the ankle as well].

4. The Shoes.

These “shiny silver tennis” from Rubber Duck are sure to stand out…as I’m sure anything both silver and shiny tends to do. I also suggest a pair of these Jack Purcell’s if you think the metallic look is too much.

This is the first time I have had to do this…Sorry but I can no longer endorse those shiny silver tennis from Rubber Duck because they (1) are poorly made (2) mine and another person’s came with scuffs already on the soles (3) they are extremely narrow and ill-fitting and (4) I believe the same shoe mold that is used for the women’s is used for the men’s shoe…just in a longer size.


The Urban Graduate [bar.gain]

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Bargain Hunting is a full contact sport — and the Urban Graduates are Professional Athletes. Some of us are LeBron’s and Kobe’s others…well, they may never leave the bench (I’m more of a Chris Paul myself). However, in order to stay at the top of your sport, or to rise to the top, you have to practice. Bargain shopping is not about cheap deals! It’s about elevating your style by acquiring a quality piece that satisfies the age old Micro Economics principle “MC = MB” (marginal cost = marginal benefit, google it). Think of it as Bar Gain, not bargain. With that in mind, here are some resources you can use to gain practice to overcome that bar:


Don’t sleep!! Target has some quality finds, especially in the Accessories genre (my personal selection, Tie Bars). And ever since they’ve begun working with guest designers (Alexander McQueen, Isaac Mizrahi) they’re clothes have taken a suprisingly positive turn. Look for some basic pieces for a price you can appreciate.

Pros (+): Easily accessible, multiple locations.; Cons (-): May be out of stock

Filene’s Basement

Yo, it’s just like rummaging through some rich person’s cellar (or attic). Trust me, this may be your best bet for affordable Cashmere. Also, they have outerwear sections that can lift your spirits without lifting your pocketbooks.

Pros (+): Great selection of designer labels, variety; Cons (-): few locations nationwide, items in complete disarray (that store always looks like Category 5 hurricanes shop there).


I honestly don’t know what the initials stand for, but it should be, “Dun Saved Wallets“. This shoe warehouse probably has more budget ballers per square inch than any other store in its respective city. Look for quality brands, and cop shoes OFF SEASON (meaning, in preparation for the next season). And low key, they have pretty nice hosiery too. I recommend this one to ladies because they have great transition (work-appropriate and play-appropriate) styles you can afford.

Pros (+): variety, labels, locations; Cons (-): Can be a mediocre discount, popular sizes go first and don’t return (unless returned)

T.J. Maxx/ Marshall’s

Okay, I was struggling with putting this one up here because people will think this is an “endorsement” rather than a “resource mint” (my wordplay is SERIOUS). I’m NOT SAYING SPEND YOUR CHECKS AT TJ OR MARSHALL’S! Shopping at these stores is like looking for a diamond in a bag of Kingsford Barbecue Charcoal — it’s possible, but highly unlikely (I lucked up once and found a cleeeean pair of Cole Haan wingtips). Stick to the accessories — ties, belts, eyewear — and the occasional marked down dress shirt. 

Pros (+): American labels, generous discount; Cons (-): goods are often in complete disarray, you have to go on a safari to find what you want.

eBay and Craigslist

This is the secret come-up of all come-ups!! People are always pushing great items at lower prices. Hell, you might even be able to pull a Hammurabi-era move and barter trade.

Pros(+): find what YOU want, availability, convenience, often reasonably priced goods; Cons(-): Gotta search and search and negotiate, and renegotiate, may lose to another bidder.

*Honorable mentions: Nordstrom Rack, Outlet stores, Macy’s sale rack, Off Broadway Shoes.

** The picture at the top is for J.Crew — sale ends tomorrow Ladies, take advantage.

Get Familiar: Vegan Fashion…Peacoats

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URBAN GRADUETTES, this post is for yall this Fall season. I know that you ladies love to see a man in a nice fitting peacoat; it gives him that distinguished, metropolitan look. Yet, it still allows him to be playful with his choice of jeans and shoes. But it seems that women’s peacoats are getting more attention this Fall. The average peacoat is over $100 dollars, but under that $200 dollar mark, but if you want something different from the navy, dark gray, or black variations then you might have to shell out a little bit more. So instead of going on and on, I’m just gonna let the JPEGs speak for themselves…

Darlita Trench Coat [blue], $88

Darlita Trench Coat, $88

Andrew Marc Black Wool Short Peacoat, $219

Banana Republic Petite Wool-blend Peacoat, $198

*This brown is little more refined, but this peacoat also comes in “squaw berry”*

LAmixx Women's Pinstripe Peacoat, $78

Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacoat, $398

Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacoat, $398

*Updated peacoat design sans the double-breast*

J.Crew Classic Peacoat

J.Crew Classic Peacoat, $225

*This peacoat comes in an assortment of colors…check out the website*

Calvin Klein Peacoat, $199.99

Calvin Klein Peacoat, $199.99

[ALSO, check out Uniqlo and GAP for their take on the woman’s peacoat.]

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October 22, 2008 at 6:22 pm