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The DoubleshotThe Doubleshot

Here’s your quick u|T|ø doubleshot — everything you missed or need to be reminded of:

  • Today, Scott Schuman’s book, The Sartorialist arrives in stores (I’ll be snagging my copy this afternoon from Barnes and Noble). Buy here.
  • Maison Martin Margela has released looks at their upcoming fall/winter collection. View here.
  • Spike Jonze and Kanye West have collaborated on a short film entitled, “We Were Once A Fairytale”. It will be available Sept. 8th on iTunes. Read more here.
  • Rodarte x Target was announced last week. We knew in July…but just in case you didn’t…read here.
  • Ford Model’s recent signee Amber Rose has a FLAWLESS feature in Complex Magazine. See here.


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August 12, 2009 at 1:59 pm

(Kanye + LV) x HighSnobiety = Photoshoot

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KW x LV photoshoot

 Take one of the most anticipated footwear collaborations (Kanye West x Louis Vuitton), cross it with an ill photographer (Daniela Muller-Brunke), and what do you get?? A well-done visual presentation of iconic footwear, quarterbacked by Highsnobiety.

Enjoy the rest of the experience here.

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June 26, 2009 at 10:12 am

Air Yeezy: Meet the [Under]studies

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Less than Yeezys

This post is dedicated to all those who DIDN’T get a pair of the ever-so-coveted Air Yeezys. With two colorways already released in limited quantities, eBay-ers have treated these sneakers with the same price inelasticity as diamonds — making it pretty difficult to obtain a pair without selling a kidney on the black market.

Today we’re gonna show you a few kicks that (1) ARE available (or will be available shortly), (2) ARE dope enough to draw the attention of others, and (3) WON’T leave your account overdrafted.

EXHIBIT AThe Ocean Runner by Greedy Genius

Likeness: Extended HiTop; Grey Colorway; like the LV sneakers by Kanye…but Hitop.

Where it Differs: Think Sperry x Supra x NIKE….not Kanye x NIKE x Warren Buffet. These are gonna be a heavy hitter upon release, mainly since this is the best looking Greedy Genius shoe to drop. Expect heads to turn, and wallets to say “Thank You”.

Ocean Runner by Greedy Genius

Ocean Runner by Greedy GeniusOcean Runner by Greedy Genius

EXHIBIT BRT1 by NIKE (White/Grey/Turquoise colorway) aka “The UnYeezys”.

Likeness: Extended HiTop; Bright contrasting interior; Safari Texture; Protruding tongue.

Where it Differs: Well….add a strap & an air bubble my friends, and PRESTO-Alacazam!! You have an Air Yeezy (but for about $135 LESS).



EXHIBIT C – Ex-O- Fit Hi SG Strap by Reebok

Likeness: Mid-Strap; Vibrant (attention-grabbing) colorways; mixture of materials.

Where it Differs: This sneaker is ALOT more OSTENTATIOUS than the Air Yeezys. It uses tone-on-tone, so more than likely…your sneakers will stand out from the rest of your ENTIRE outfit. Oh…did we mention you can get these for under $100?



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May 6, 2009 at 10:55 am

Don’t Act Like I Never Told Ya! [*Air Yeezy Update*]

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Air Yeezy by NIKE Sportswear x Kanye West

Yes that’s right, mark April 2nd on your calendars. The Air Yeezy drop is official. Peep some of the leaked pics here. Special big up to the boys over at Hypebeast for the Exclusive (Jey I see you!). They did an ill article about the detailed creation process and the actual construction of the sneaker. In the words of Mr. West himself, “IS THIS WHAT YOU BEEN WAITIN FORRRRR?!?!” — Well yes, Mr. West — It is.

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March 3, 2009 at 2:55 pm

Don’t Act Like I Never Told Ya

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The Year of the Ox is no more…it’s the officially the Year of the Strap (hi top that is)! Kanye West — more sartorially known as Martin Louie The King, Jr. — has leaked yet another picture of his collaboration sneakers. This one is…..you guessed it, A HI-TOP with STRAPS (proceed to gawk and gander)! Only thing left for us to say is….Don’t act like we never told ya.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Hi Top Preview

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January 26, 2009 at 11:54 am

Greek 2 Chic: Picks of the Week

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You already know what it is, let’s get it in. The top fashion items from around the web — Frats and Sororities, grab your pads and pens:

The Bag

Tote Bag by Diane Von Furstenburg

Obama Tote Bag by Diane Von Furstenburg (Runway for Change). Divas…you need this one on deck.

The Jewelry


Necklace by Gulnur Ozdaglar (made from recycled PolyEtylene Terephtalate bottles). HARD!

The Shoes


Boat Sneaker by Louis Vuitton x Kanye West. I guess this is what he meant when he said, “my Kappa style”.

The Toy


15th Anniversary Giant Baby Milo Plush Toy by A Bathing Ape. Honestly, this is just ill. Black & Gold Members, make it an addition to the collection of apes.

The Outerwear


Wool Overcoat by Burberry. If there was ever an investment to be made, Sigmas…this would be the one.

The Scarf


Rainer Maria Rilke” Poem Scarf by Edun. If you watched the U2 performance in the Inaugural Concert, Bono had this on (but the reverse colorway). African cotton = that sh*t. Open to all, grab one of these.

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January 23, 2009 at 12:17 pm

Don’t Act Like I Never Told Ya [II]

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You heard it hear FIRST, a month ago in our GET FAMILIAR posts– “Look for absurd colorways, random straps and buckles, and blending of materials and textures”. Now, even Kanye West’s blog confirms, “2009 is all about the straps! I know we’ve seen straps but this year it’s gonna be crazy”. Will someone please deliver a “Certificate of Trendsettership” to the Urban Graduate Community?!? (Notarized, thank you).

Kris Van Assche Hi-Tops

Kris Van Assche Hi-Tops

Raf Simons Spring/Summer '09 Hi-Top

Raf Simons Spring/Summer '09 Hi-Top

Maison Martin Margiela Hi-Tops

Maison Martin Margiela Hi-Tops

Reebok Exofit Hi Strap --- BONKERS!!!

Reebok Exofit Hi Strap --- BONKERS!!!Raf Simons Spring 09 Astronaut Mix Boot

Raf Simons Spring '09 Half Blocked Military Trainer

Raf Simons Spring '09 Half Blocked Military Trainer

Raf Simons Spring '09 Astronaut Mix Boot

Raf Simons Spring '09 Astronaut Mix Boot

Raf Simons Spring '09 Astronaut Boot

Raf Simons Spring '09 Astronaut Boot

I wonder how a marled sweater would look with a pair of these kicks?? Food-for-closet…

Don’t Act Like I Never Told Ya

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Last month, we put a lot of winter fashion essentials out on the table. Apparently…..some celebs have taken notice. Urban Graduates, pat yourselves on the back. Check out these celebs:

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January 5, 2009 at 12:56 am

“Good Morning”

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The Official Video just dropped, so I had to post it as inspiration to all the Urban Graduates out there. Know what you’re learning, know why you’re learning, and never be afraid to create by stepping outside of the lines. Good Morning UTO.

Kanye West – Good Morning [Hi-Quality Version]

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August 26, 2008 at 3:57 pm