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Post-Valentine’s Day| The Clean-Up

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Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day — how we love thee. February 14th marks one of the most romantic, and hopefully, electric days of the year for Urban Grads & Graduettes. I’m sure yours were filled with falling rose petals, candlelit dinners, chocolate decadence, and of course…the special occasion unmentionables. But now that the the roses are wilting, candles have melted away, chocolate devoured, and the encapsulated passion has experienced its “decrescendo”… what are you going to do with THAT lingerie?!

For the good graduettes who said, “Take It with Me” — one point for you (it’s a recession, I understand — plus, lingerie is NOT cheap). For the naughty graduettes who said, “Leave It with Him” — two points for you (trust me…every guy wants to be left a pair of panties or a bra at least once in life — a token of your appreciation). Either way…the person who fails to WASH these underthings is a complete filthmonger.

Delicates are a very…well…delicate subject; caring for them can easily be over or under-estimated. Many cute bra/panties sets have been sacrificed, teddy and corsets completely ruined because of this laundry tug-of-war. Simple solution: LINGERIE BAGS.

It’s actually quite easy to protect your lingerie. Just place garments inside the lingerie bags, and wash on the DELICATE CYCLE with COLD WATER. After completion, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY — lay them out flat atop a bath towel, and let the capillary action do its thing.

Just because you washed it doesn’t mean that the memory will ever fade — you and he will know EXACTLY what made those unmentionables worth mentioning.

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February 16, 2010 at 1:22 pm

u|T|ø Endorses…Strumpet And Pink

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OK, so you know how you see outfits on the runway that no one could ever pull off in real life? Well this post highlights clothing like that…well more like undergarments.  [Urban+Take(øut)] is endorsing Strumpet And Pink, a line that brings couture from the runway to the bedroom (I’ve just awarded myself two douchebag points for that).  [Sidenote: I wonder when a rapper is gonna call a girl a “strumpet” in a song]  Vicky’s Secret has nothing on this line.  These unmentionables are strictly for the privacy of one’s home; plus there is no way that a woman could comfortably wear this lingerie under her clothing because of all the wonderful embellishments.  This is the go-to line for that I’m-going-to-slip-into-something-more-comfortable situation.  Graduettes, show that special Graduate that you really care by holding it down publicly and privately.







With that said, FELLAS…if you need a gift idea….Ding, Ding.  This is one of those gifts that will show A) you want to keep things fresh, B) you’re romantic, C) you are really knowledgable about random things and D) you know here size (ALWAYS a  pl+s). Here are some links from which to cop…Faire Frou Frou and Catriona Mackechnie.

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December 11, 2008 at 2:52 am