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Fashion Forward

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Well, 2010 is here! …and with the new year comes change and progression. The fellas here at Urban TakeOut tell me they were looking for some insight into the wonderful world that is women’s fashion. As the writer of the blog, BlakeVonD: The First Lady of Flashion, I keep a pretty watchful eye on all things fab in the world of women’s fashion. So in the spirit of progression, I’m here to add my two cents to a blog that’s already a pretty big bang for your buck.
The dawn of the new decade is sure to usher in some unforgettable fashions. Whether it be something completely new or the reincarnation of the trends of decades past, I have no doubt that we’re in for one hell of a ride.
Here are some trends to be on the lookout for in 2010…
First rule of fashion…1) Shoes, shoes, shoes!
The right shoe can transform an outfit from macabre to magical. The upcoming Spring/Summer collections of several of the world’s hottest designers–Fendi, Louis Vuittion, Nina Ricci and Louboutin, just to name a few–are shaping up to be nothing short of magical. Fendi has taken plexi glass from the stages of strip clubs to the runways of Milan and Christian Louboutin is still managing to produce head turning shoes with little to no effort. These LV’s, worn by Amber Rose, are the perfect mix of sex and edge, while Nina Ricci offers a more delicate approach to the traditional ankle boot.

Summer/Spring 2010

Fendi Wrap Lycra & Plexi Platform, $1289; C’est La Vie Louboutin Pumps; Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals, $1300; Nina Ricci Laced Leather Booties, $1152

Blazers are in and more futuristic than ever! It’s not enough to just have an ordinary blazer. Contour shapes and shoulder pads are all the rage. And if you know anything you know that Balmain is the go to source for all things blazers. Rihanna, Beyonce and Ciara have all been seen wearing these masterpieces.

Balmain Blazer

Balmain Blazer, $3,465; $5,798

Now here’s my 2010 prediction: Harem pants are BACK! With everyone from Urban Outfitters to top designers carrying their own version of this 90’s trend, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s Hammer Time! Now just for the record, I’ve had a pair of these for over a year now & I can remember all the strange looks I got. But I rocked them again during this past Homecoming and strangers were stopping me to tell how “hot” they were. Glad everybody caught up! Lol. There’s a style for everyone in this pant. Some have a higher waist and taller inseam, while others have a more relaxed seat. Fit is absolutely crucial with this trend. Ill-fitting harem pants just end up looking more like a diaper than a fashion statement, so be careful.

Harem Pants

Cheap Monday Tailored Harem Trousers, $41; ASOS Knitted Harem Trousers, $26; G Star Tailored Wool Mix Harem Trouser, $255

Written by Blake Von D

January 2, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Greek 2 Chic: Elephants | The Re-up

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Let’s kick 2009 off properly with an [Urban+Take(øut)] post for the DevaSTating Divas. Ladies, we know that Crimson is the preferred color to wrap yourselves in — but don’t be afraid to change the game (as if you didn’t see that coming) by playing with neutrals and monochromatic grays. Check out some of the looks we’ve hunted down:

DeSTined for Leisure (Lacoste + BDG)


* The stressed crewneck sweater…yea, that’s “Blockbuster Movie night” sexy.

Dangerously STunning (ASOS)


* These numbers are TOUGH!! Bow at the small of the back?? That’s just “add-water-and stir-BADness”. And, you can play with the leggings/tights to change the dynamic of the dresses.

Dope-girl STatus (NYC Boutique + Nooka + BDG + Rubber Duck)


*Plaid is apparently the new black. The watch is a low-key shout out to the Ques. And, look at the DUCK on the patent leather oxfords!! That’s just ill.

Detailed STylishly (Lowie + ASOS + Puma)


* Those mittens, absolutely unique. In fact, I’m 100% sure that no one has them, and once you cop them…folks will be jockin hard.

Divine STems (Louboutin + DSquared2)


*Umm….recession…hell, these just might be worth the debt. Beyonce….yea, she rocked the lightning bolt heels about a few weeks back — time for you to be SashaFierce (or whomever your alter ego is).

Written by great8productions

January 1, 2009 at 4:20 am

Get Familiar: Ms. New Booties

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I was in a store downtown the other day, people watching (as I usually do, especially on Sundays), when I saw this woman doing something funny as hell. This grown woman was standing next to a mannequin like a flamingo (leg bent and everything)! I’m thinkin to myself….see, this is what happens when people forget to take their meds. BUT as I kept looking (you know how WE are….nosey as an 8th dwarf), I noticed what she was really doing; she was matching her foot up with the mannequin’s shoes, a pair of suede booties.

You don’t have to go around standing on one leg to catch this trend, we got you covered. GET FAMILIAR!@! Booties, or ankle-high boots (or “shootes”, coined by my D.C. friend) are a favorite in fall. Although the trend is not necessarily new, what IS new would be the degree of leverage in the NEW Booties generation. 

 Heels are higher, the colors are richer, and the shoes are generally more ornate, containing bows at the toes or fold over parts. All the top designers are going that direction, ESPECIALLY because of the versatility!  Ladies, please prepare yourselves for these pictures:

 ***ALERT:: The shoes pictured would be considered “Rent…and then some”; H&M, Aldo, NineWest, and Jasmine Sola all have affordable versions (but if you’re ballin….comment and we’ll tell you where to cop)***

McQueen & Louboutin.

Louboutin & Cavalli.


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October 16, 2008 at 4:06 pm

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Greek 2 Chic: Picks of the Week (Back|2|School)

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Since EVERYBODY wants to be Chris Paul this fall….Let’s GET IT!! Top picks across the board for Greeks goin back-to-school:

NIKE Dunk Hi — “Octadunk” Pack. I saw these in person….very Dope! Shout out to Bodega in Boston. Yo, these joints commemorate the beginning of the Beijing Olympics (08-08-08). The detail work is nice, the shoe is completely seamless, and really it’s like looking at a bunch of pixels. LIVE!

Colette + Hello Kitty collaborated to make the Silly Thing Watch. Okay…..It’s blue….It has a CAT on it….AND it’s considered “high-fashion”. No-Brainer!!! Snatch that up, ladiez in blue.

So after really looking around the web, I found something that was dark enough to be Hunter Green. Adidas + GoodFoot (Canadian fashion, get ya brand game up) collaborate on this 5-Panel cap. The dopest part about it all is that it comes with a carrying bag and eco-friendly literature. The Cap and Bag are made out of green materials. How bout that?!

Creative Recreation, again. The Miranda Shoe, definitely an appropriately named joint. Haters have the RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT when you slip these on. Think of them as a creative take on a ballet flat, but waaaaay more comfortable. (Sidebar: Creative Rec is in Barneys now! These dudes done blown UP!! Got they shoes bein made in ITALY).

The Louboutin T-Shirt by Free Gold Watch. This is pretty clever. Put one of the most-coveted heels on a t-shirt, trick it out in red, then add a Fresh ass zipper to the neck for originality?! On point like a Ballerina! Snatch that up, real talk.

Written by great8productions

August 13, 2008 at 6:27 pm