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u|T|ø Endørses…Nitro:licious Shop

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Being one of the most-followed fashionistas in the blogosphere has its perks: access to exclusive events and shows, custom articles & samples of designer product lines BEFORE the official release, and the ever-coveted license to SHOP — whenever, wherever. So what happens when said fashionista, Wendy Lam, Editor-in-Chief of Nitro:licious, accrues SO MANY articles of clothing and accessories that closet-space becomes an issue?? Insert VIRTUAL YARD SALE.


At the new Nitro:licious Shop, Wendy has opened up her closet for all Urban Graduettes to rummage through. Inside, you’ll find BRAND NEW or lightly-worn garments for RECESSION-FRIENDLY prices (I’m talking $75 for a denim Marc Jacobs jacket — here)!! The site is a gold mine; shoppers are getting fashion-tips from a world-renown stylist as they browse. Even further, this e-shop gives access to exclusive items that will surely add punch to any graduette’s wardrobe.

**Note: Please consider that Wendy is a size 6, XS or Small. Thus, her closet will reflect that. Purchase accordingly.

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July 22, 2009 at 10:06 am

The Urban Graduate [trav.el] cont.inued

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This is a follow-up to the previous post about the DOPP Kit. Every traveling man needs the proper toiletries [of course] but these items make up Louis Vuitton’s “perfect travel wardrobe for men.” You need to be ready for any occasion and weather, therefore LV says these garments are necessary:

1. A Polo.

Marc Jacobs 'Cole' Zip Front Polo

2. A Pullover

Marc Jacobs "Cut It Out" Sweatshirt

3. A Suit.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Lightweight Wool Suit

4. A Leather Biker Jacket [my bad…even though it’s only a slight difference].

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Motorcycle Jacket

5. A Trench.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Twill Trench Coat

6. A Duffle Bag to put everything in.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Duffel Bag

I chose to use all Marc Jacobs clothing and accessories because he’s the Creative Director of LV, so it just seemed right.

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March 5, 2009 at 11:33 am

The Urban Graduate [legal.tender]

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When it comes to housing our money, men and women are simply different. Women…use approximately 10% of their designer bags to hold money or credit cards (any more would distort “the look of the bag”). Men…well, we use the same amount of space but chock it full of everything (money, cards, ticket stubs, condoms, receipts, and the occasional Quizno’s card). To a guy, a wallet is purely meant for FUNCTIONALITY, not fashion.

Fortunately, there is a way for the Urban Grad to exhibit style while still preserving man law. Follow along:

1. Cut the Fat – Most wallets look like jumbo Quarter Pounders, and not from the cash. Take some of that excess junk out of your billfold!! Slim, with minimalist features is the functional way to go. Billfold by Hermes


2. Prioritize – If you’re a cash kind of guy, get a wallet that will hold your cash (i.e. above) or a money clip (shown below). If you’re a card kind of guy, get a wallet built to carry cards effectively (i.e. below). Simple as that. Money Clip by Canali; Card Holder by Mismo



3. Choose a color.…within functional limitations – Yes, black and brown are the standards. But for some occasions (i.e. trip to Vegas) it is reasonable to have a more festive wallet. Don’t over do it — stick to something that complements your personality. Wallets by Prada &  Marc by Marc Jacobs



4. Business Cards go in Business Card Cases – I cannot stress this enough. Cases are made to protect the integrity of the card, and the businessman. You’ll look like a novice if you pull out a wallet to give a business card to a prospective client.  Leather Card Case by Entermodal


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January 2, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Get Familiar: Vegan Fashion…Peacoats

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URBAN GRADUETTES, this post is for yall this Fall season. I know that you ladies love to see a man in a nice fitting peacoat; it gives him that distinguished, metropolitan look. Yet, it still allows him to be playful with his choice of jeans and shoes. But it seems that women’s peacoats are getting more attention this Fall. The average peacoat is over $100 dollars, but under that $200 dollar mark, but if you want something different from the navy, dark gray, or black variations then you might have to shell out a little bit more. So instead of going on and on, I’m just gonna let the JPEGs speak for themselves…

Darlita Trench Coat [blue], $88

Darlita Trench Coat, $88

Andrew Marc Black Wool Short Peacoat, $219

Banana Republic Petite Wool-blend Peacoat, $198

*This brown is little more refined, but this peacoat also comes in “squaw berry”*

LAmixx Women's Pinstripe Peacoat, $78

Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacoat, $398

Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacoat, $398

*Updated peacoat design sans the double-breast*

J.Crew Classic Peacoat

J.Crew Classic Peacoat, $225

*This peacoat comes in an assortment of colors…check out the website*

Calvin Klein Peacoat, $199.99

Calvin Klein Peacoat, $199.99

[ALSO, check out Uniqlo and GAP for their take on the woman’s peacoat.]

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October 22, 2008 at 6:22 pm

Get Familiar: “Formal” Sneakers [Fall ‘O-nine]

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The greatest season in fashion is unmistakably Autumn (Urban Grads, take notes). This is the time of year when we couple light coats with fly denim, and seasonal kicks move to the front of my walk-in. When I say seasonal kicks I’m talking about the sneakers that are like formal crossovers…they aren’t usually bright colored and they would go well with a tweed jacket or nice pea coat. With that said, one of this season’s absolute dopest men’s fall shoes (sorry ladies) is on deck: The ALDO Peleg high rise sneaker . Peep the flip over “John Henry” collar (I kinda like that term). With a retail value of $80, that might leave some pockets a little light. BUT…I think they are WELL worth the price, and they are definitely less than the Marc Jacobs sneakers below. Here’s the trick with these — Less is better. When you put these on with your slim leg denim, don’t overdo what you wear up top. The shoes are already confirming that you have style…or at least, that you’re getting tips from some cool guy who does…*sneaky smile*.

NOW, if your willing to spend a little more deniro then these are the formal kicks for you. These “statement-makers” are from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 line. Real talk, I’m digging the bells and whistles on these bad boys…the straps and the buckles. They may seem like extras, but they are necessary evils in the pursuit of being fashion forward.



I know these are not really formal, but they are just that fire.


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October 17, 2008 at 1:25 pm

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Greek 2 Chic: Cats

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Check out these items from around the web:

Striped Jersey Shopper Tote Bag by Marc Jacobs. Fly, in such a casual, beach-esque way. It’s not doing too much, but it shows that you’re on point with your taste.

Reva Ballet Flats by Tory Burch. I don’t know what it is with women and ballet flats. YALL LOVE THEM JOINTS! I know that us fellas…don’t understand why you want to walk around all day basically barefoot.  Nevertheless, these are some really fresh flats.

The Pinstripe Old Skool Lo Pro by Vans. This sneaker has had the BIGGEST come up in the last few years (thanks to all my Thizzlamic Folk out in the Yay Area)! I feel like this is the perfect crossover shoe for ladies; you can be active, and be fresh.

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June 16, 2008 at 10:40 pm