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u|T|ø endorses…Penfield

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If you haven’t got the memo by now….we’re knocking on Winter’s door. Before she opens up that bad boy up, it’s essential to have the proper gear on deck.  Now, we’ve been putting people onto all kinds of outerwear titans, but the Massachusetts-based newjacks, Penfield, may be edging out the competition. Their latest collection of 80/20 premium down-filled vests and jackets not only showcases their attention to detail (i.e. pocket placement, material usage, lines and contours) but their full understanding that good quality should be AFFORDABLE. That my friends is a Win-Win.

Check out some of the classic styles available this season from Penfield.

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November 18, 2009 at 6:23 pm

Get Familiar: The Hunter Gatherer

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Here at u|T|ø, we’ve come to realize two truths. Fact 1: Every woman loves Brett Favre. Fact 2: Every man wants to be Brett Favre (somewhere deep down). Don’t be upset, it’s just how it is! When you boil it all down to the raw extract, the quality that makes Favre the quintessential definition of MAN is his ruggedness. Hence, this fall…use your instincts – go rugged.

There’s something very GQ about the look we call, Hunter Chic. First thing that comes to mind – Texture. Most rugged apparel is composed of heavy materials that are perfect for insulation, while still being visually appealing (think Tweed). Next, they rely on patterns to create a traditional garment (think Plaids and Quilted pieces). Finally, the key to the Hunter look is LAYERING; we’re talking a thermal, under a flannel, under a down vest (and maybe even a coat if need be).

Below are some items we feel you may want to invest in to bring out you inner Favruh-ness. Man up, Get Familiar!!


Beauty & Youth Tweed JacketRed Wing Irish Setter BootHardGraft Headwear

Edifice x Penfield VestOliver Spencer Fishtail Trouser

Junya Watanabe Quilted Nylon Jacket

Opening Ceremony Max-Lined Parka

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September 30, 2009 at 4:44 pm

The Urban Graduate [in.vest.ment]

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There’s no doubt about it, one of the most overlooked fall/winter essentials is the down vest. For some reason, us guys want to continue to act like it doesn’t exist. We figure, hell, what’s the purpose of a middleman?! Either go all the way, or not at all. — How terribly wrong! Urban Grads, the down vest should be invited back into your wardrobe. The trick is, don’t overdo the investment — go for a fitted look, low on bulkiness, and a distinct color/lining combination. Observe.


The Down Vest should hug the shoulders, be close to the body, and have a distance from seam to seam of 4 to 5 inches. Throw a henly underneath or a contrasting oxford for a fashionable dressed down look.


You could also achieve a dressed-up look by adding a fitted button-down and neckwear (although this guys tie is extremely wack…c’mon my grandfather owns that one). Bottom line, invest in functional outerwear — The Down Vest is a 3 season player! Put it in the game.

Here are some other vests for you to check out: