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Get Familiar: The Fall of the [2]Piece

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Sorry for the last few days of absence but The Grind called. This is another Spring-prequel post geared at getting you Urban Graduettes prepared. You heard it hear first, one-piece swim suits are in for Spring ’09! I know there are some that like to show that Janet Jackson abdomen they have worked so hard for, but as I always say…when there is MORE fabric to work with there is MORE fun. Case in point…

Here is my favorite. These are some pieces by Lenny Leleu. Her stuff is so official that it almost got it’s own “u|T|ø Endorses” post. I would love to see an Urban Graduette masterfully pull off any one of these pieces [not literally].

This Diamond Underwire One-Piece from Lover is bad too. It’s a little more subdued than Ms. Leleu, but still equally a sign of style. Too bad the model doesn’t look happy wearing it.

Even Urban Outfitters is getting in on the “classy” action with this one-piece from Silence & Noise. The waistband on these can actually be widened to do a little more sculpting…NICE.

Denimation 201: Sulphur Dyeing [suhl-fer dahy-ing]

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Apparently colored denim has been awakened from it’s deathly slumber by radiation from a fallen satellite.  Or was it from deadly gas released from a medical supply warehouse?  Wait, I know what it was…celebrities like Rihanna and Fergie were spotted wearing colored denim jeans.  Colored denim is cool but you have to know when to relax.  We are in the Fall season so it’s time to tone down the brightness for richer colors.

Anlo Brooke skinny jeanKsubi super skinny zip jeanBlank HiRise ankle skinny jean in blackish redSilence & Noise coated jean in chestnut


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November 24, 2008 at 4:56 am