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Get Familiar: Urkel Vision

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Ok, I get it. Clothes DO make the man or woman. But ACCESSORIES….now THEY make the outfit. Many of you have been fans of eyewear for years, either voluntarily or involuntarily (shouts to my 20/40 vision friends). And although I’m a fan of sunglasses….year round….and at anytime of the day (I wear my stunna glasses at night), the tides are changing. Clear lens + Dark frame is the name of the game; GET FAMILIAR.

I admit, at first I thought it was a phase. But the Wayfarer look is back like spinal tap, feel me. If you’re not feeling Buddy Holly-ish, go for the DMC look with Cazal frames. The whole “Geek Chic” movement is upon us. Hmmm……I wonder who they took their cue from (hint, hint). So the next time you hear some one refer to “Geek Chic”, respond like Steven Q, “Did I do that??”

Written by great8productions

October 9, 2008 at 5:11 pm