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The Urban Graduate: [cur.io]

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“…Statuettes’ X eyes on those graffiti’d dolls/ my ghetto b****es ask why, I say ‘It’s just be KAWS’…” – Malice (of  The Clipse)

With all the added pressures of professional life, bills, and grown-up responsibilities, sometimes Urban Grads forget that we are still YOUNG! One of the best ways to infuse that “youthful spirit” is to keep a toy or two around (ok, minds out of the gutter, everybody). The Urban Grad Curio is much more than an action figure — it’s a 5-inch objet d’art… with Kung-Fu Grip. Here are some reasons why you should step your “Curio Game” up:


1. Be@rbrick is cool. Period. (We’ve been through this before, Bearbrick releases items in limited series, blind boxes, and always delivers creative collaborations)

Stussy x Reas Be@rbrick by Medicom Toys

Stussy x Undefeated Full Metal Jacket Be@rbrickLeilow Hawaii x Medicom Be@rbrickAnt x Medicom Be@rbrick 400%Levi's x Medicom


2. Many of the toys are designed by world-renown artists, i.e. KAWS. (see verse/quote above, and then proceed to Pharrell’s or Lupe’s personal collections)

'Chum' character by KAWS for Original Fake

Kaws Companion Keychain Toys


3. (You) + (Japanese Art) = Urban Art Maven. (The artistic culture of Japanese toys has been around for DECADES…are you just now catching on?)

BAPE x Teriyaki Boyz Figures

Inochi Toys by Takashi Murakami

4. They’re Small, Detailed, and EXTREMELY collectible! (A single toy can cost anywhere from $8, i.e.  King Ken by Amos, to $450, i.e. Futura Nosferatu statuette — consider each toy an asset that can appreciate with time).

PAWS! Figure by Coarsetoys

PAWS! PackagingPAWS! Packaging

Coarse x Rotofugi Jaws


5. Several suggest, “Hey, I’m a Kid at heart”. BUT, thousands suggest, “Hey, I’m a Kid…and I still prefer pajamas that have footies attached.” (Just like buying framed artwork, make your selections wisely. Be sure that the fun-factor and the art factor are in a balance that reflects your lifestyle).

Throwback Collection by Stussy x Reas x Medicom

Michael Lau Csbooth FiguresMichael Lau FigureLML Edition by Michael Lau x Silly Thingmichael-lau-figures-1

At my office desk: King Ken

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June 26, 2009 at 10:46 am

Stussy x Hellz Bellz [03|07|09]

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Stussy x Hellz Bellz

We gave you a glimpse at the collaboration back in the Valentine’s Day “Cupid’s Collage” post. The Official release date for the long-awaited Stussy x Hellz Bellz Ladies First Collection is this coming Saturday, March 07, 2009. The two iconic labels volley signature elements, such as Stussy’s CRAAAAZY typography, and Hellz Bellz’s Femme Fatale flair and colorways. I really appreciate their minimalist, bad ass chick approach — job well done. This will more than likely sell out, so jump on it like a trampoline before you see MIA (sans-preggers) or Santogold with every piece.

Stussy x Hellz Bellz

Stussy x Hellz Bellz

Stussy x Hellz Bellz Collection

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March 5, 2009 at 11:31 am

The 1.20.09 T-Shirt

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As the Inauguration grows closer, many designers are frantically pumping out apparel to commemorate the occasion. So naturally, Inaguration T-shirts are dropping across the net left and right. Honestly, I can’t even hate — cuz you know there’s gonna be some sidewalk vendors out in D.C. sellin’ Obama EVERYTHING. I just don’t wanna see any wack slogans like, “Obama Is My Play Cousin”. At any rate, peep some of the available ones below:


Logo T-Shirt by Play Cloths. (Graphic is the Play Cloths logo with Inaugural colorway, and date).


The Official Inauguration T-Shirt by Shepard Fairy x OBEY x Obama Campaign. (Graphic is OFFICIAL recognized signage of the Inauguration).


The Historic Tee by Stussy x Commonwealth. (Graphic combines the 3 iconic symbols: Stussy – the S; Obama Campaign – the O; and Commonwealth – the C).


Obama Inauguration by UNDRCRWN. (Graphic is Obama in the Lincoln Memorial position).

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January 13, 2009 at 10:49 am

Greek 2 Chic: The Re-up | Apes

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Sorry for the delay, we’re returning from the homecoming vacay — UTØ is definitely ahead of the game. After being inspired by the GREEK LIFE down in Atlanta, we’ve decided to reboot the series. Startin it all back with the FIRST brotherhood….Apes on Deck! Shouts to Highsnobiety on the pics.


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November 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Greek 2 Chic: Picks of the Week

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We’ve been holdin’ out on yall, yes, we know. Business has been craaaaazy, we’re just trying to stay ahead of the curve, ya dig.  Enough of the light talk, let’s get into it:

courtesy of Highsnobiety

courtesy of Highsnobiety

The Indian Cap by Estate LA. MAAAAAAAAN! Tell me I’m not the only person who thinks this is LIVE as hell! Let me jog your memory…..do you remember those old Tootsie Pops? Do you remember the wrappers? The indian with the star??! YEA!!! All I know is, if i bought this hat, would I get a free one? Or a free Tootsie Pop at least?!

The Olympic Tee by Commonwealth + Stussy. A couple months ago in an Urban Graduate Post, I mentioned T-shirt Man and his ’68 Olympic tee. Well, I think the people at both Commonwealth & Stussy read the blog, cuz they just collabed and dropped this incredible workup. Stussy is coming back with a Vengence, and Commonwealth definitely isn’t slackin. Appreciate the message, and Apes, go grab this joint.

Fitted Cap by Playclothes. If you’re into the Clipse as much as I am, then you knew that this was coming a loooooong time ago. Playclothes is the clothing line Pusha and Malice are dropping this fall. The cap is very poignant (SAT word for that ass). I’m impressed at the simplicity represented in this piece. Nupes….lids can increase ya swag, get up on it. This is Quality.

The Half Cab Pony Camou by Vans. I’m from Cali, so Vans always get a hi-five from me. But Dogs….peep the texture on these badboys. It’s faux pony mane!! That’s got to be one of the illest uses of fur I have ever seen in the sneaker game. Its CAMOUFLAGE! Plus, the classic Vans structure can play well with this season’s dark denim. Roo to those!

INSA just sprung off the radar with their creative shoe design. Ladies, what better way to show that you have culture than to rock some shoes with ART ON THEM. The color pallet is flawless, the construction of the shoe is hand crafted and gives a lil character to whoever’s rockin’em. Frogs, leave your lillypads and jump into a pair of shoes by INSA.

courtesy of Highsnobiety

courtesy of Highsnobiety

I don’t think this bag discriminates AT ALL. The Grocery Tote by Jirushi Yoshida for Silly Thing. When I first saw this…I was like, Damn, why didn’t I think of that?! It just makes SENSE. A grocery bag, turned into fashion, now THAT’S innovation. Peep how it even has those ridged edges, so characteristic of throwback markets (alot of grocery stores have cut back on the traditional brown bag). We’re gonna label this, GroceryChic.

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October 3, 2008 at 7:33 pm