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Fashion Forward

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Well, 2010 is here! …and with the new year comes change and progression. The fellas here at Urban TakeOut tell me they were looking for some insight into the wonderful world that is women’s fashion. As the writer of the blog, BlakeVonD: The First Lady of Flashion, I keep a pretty watchful eye on all things fab in the world of women’s fashion. So in the spirit of progression, I’m here to add my two cents to a blog that’s already a pretty big bang for your buck.
The dawn of the new decade is sure to usher in some unforgettable fashions. Whether it be something completely new or the reincarnation of the trends of decades past, I have no doubt that we’re in for one hell of a ride.
Here are some trends to be on the lookout for in 2010…
First rule of fashion…1) Shoes, shoes, shoes!
The right shoe can transform an outfit from macabre to magical. The upcoming Spring/Summer collections of several of the world’s hottest designers–Fendi, Louis Vuittion, Nina Ricci and Louboutin, just to name a few–are shaping up to be nothing short of magical. Fendi has taken plexi glass from the stages of strip clubs to the runways of Milan and Christian Louboutin is still managing to produce head turning shoes with little to no effort. These LV’s, worn by Amber Rose, are the perfect mix of sex and edge, while Nina Ricci offers a more delicate approach to the traditional ankle boot.

Summer/Spring 2010

Fendi Wrap Lycra & Plexi Platform, $1289; C’est La Vie Louboutin Pumps; Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals, $1300; Nina Ricci Laced Leather Booties, $1152

Blazers are in and more futuristic than ever! It’s not enough to just have an ordinary blazer. Contour shapes and shoulder pads are all the rage. And if you know anything you know that Balmain is the go to source for all things blazers. Rihanna, Beyonce and Ciara have all been seen wearing these masterpieces.

Balmain Blazer

Balmain Blazer, $3,465; $5,798

Now here’s my 2010 prediction: Harem pants are BACK! With everyone from Urban Outfitters to top designers carrying their own version of this 90’s trend, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s Hammer Time! Now just for the record, I’ve had a pair of these for over a year now & I can remember all the strange looks I got. But I rocked them again during this past Homecoming and strangers were stopping me to tell how “hot” they were. Glad everybody caught up! Lol. There’s a style for everyone in this pant. Some have a higher waist and taller inseam, while others have a more relaxed seat. Fit is absolutely crucial with this trend. Ill-fitting harem pants just end up looking more like a diaper than a fashion statement, so be careful.

Harem Pants

Cheap Monday Tailored Harem Trousers, $41; ASOS Knitted Harem Trousers, $26; G Star Tailored Wool Mix Harem Trouser, $255

Written by Blake Von D

January 2, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Get Familiar: The Fall of the [2]Piece

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Sorry for the last few days of absence but The Grind called. This is another Spring-prequel post geared at getting you Urban Graduettes prepared. You heard it hear first, one-piece swim suits are in for Spring ’09! I know there are some that like to show that Janet Jackson abdomen they have worked so hard for, but as I always say…when there is MORE fabric to work with there is MORE fun. Case in point…

Here is my favorite. These are some pieces by Lenny Leleu. Her stuff is so official that it almost got it’s own “u|T|ø Endorses” post. I would love to see an Urban Graduette masterfully pull off any one of these pieces [not literally].

This Diamond Underwire One-Piece from Lover is bad too. It’s a little more subdued than Ms. Leleu, but still equally a sign of style. Too bad the model doesn’t look happy wearing it.

Even Urban Outfitters is getting in on the “classy” action with this one-piece from Silence & Noise. The waistband on these can actually be widened to do a little more sculpting…NICE.

The Urban Graduate [in.vest.ment]

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There’s no doubt about it, one of the most overlooked fall/winter essentials is the down vest. For some reason, us guys want to continue to act like it doesn’t exist. We figure, hell, what’s the purpose of a middleman?! Either go all the way, or not at all. — How terribly wrong! Urban Grads, the down vest should be invited back into your wardrobe. The trick is, don’t overdo the investment — go for a fitted look, low on bulkiness, and a distinct color/lining combination. Observe.


The Down Vest should hug the shoulders, be close to the body, and have a distance from seam to seam of 4 to 5 inches. Throw a henly underneath or a contrasting oxford for a fashionable dressed down look.


You could also achieve a dressed-up look by adding a fitted button-down and neckwear (although this guys tie is extremely wack…c’mon my grandfather owns that one). Bottom line, invest in functional outerwear — The Down Vest is a 3 season player! Put it in the game.

Here are some other vests for you to check out:

Sing Swan Song

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This post here is to take note of a few Urban Graduettes that I think deserve some “fashionable attention.”  These sirens have styles all their own and continue to appease, displease, and even raise eyebrows in indifference with their clothing choices.  In many ways, their music reflects their own individual style…listen to them and you’ll see what I mean.

Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes



Ms. Khan’s style is usually very tribal, complete with eye makeup and adornments.  Her style is what the clave and conga sounds from an 808 drum machine would look like if they were made into an outfit.  Something about the whole “native woman” thing is kind of hot to me.




Ms. A is adventurous.  She seems to have a good idea of how to transition from B-girl to sexy hip hop artist and back.  I like how she is not afraid to show some skin and be feminine in a male-dominated musical genre (this usually hurts any female rapper’s career).

Chan Marshall of Cat Power



Ms. Marshall’s style is definitely the tamer of the group.  She fits more of the contemporary, all-American mold.  Not so much Ralph Lauren, but more so like Banana Republic.  She has already signed on as a spokesperson for a Chanel line of jewelry.  She appears comfortable and very laid back in her stylistic approach.




Ms. Gold’s style is uhhh…lots of patterned tights, leotards, and a pair of doorknockers.  I don’t really know how I feel about her style.  Let’s just say I don’t mind the 80s, but I’m not a big fan of the pseudo-80s movement that’s going on.

Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley



Ms. Lewis’ style is very reminiscent of something you would find in an Urban Outfitter’s catalog…not the cheap stuff, but more like the Lark & Wolff stuff at the front of the store.  She likes printed dresses that add to an offbeat, vintage look.

Lovefoxxx of CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy)



One word…WOW.



celebs at katsuya 270308

Shout out to Ladebelle for this one.  We all know this is MRS. Jones, but her style is very much her own.  Kelis has always been a wildchild; a mare that cannot be broken.  That first picture looks like she’s getting ready for her Uniqlo photo shoot…and is that an obi wrapped around her waist?  What I like about her style is that it is very diverse, but she doesn’t resort to the bright patterns and spandex of the Eighties as if it were some costume (that decade should not be venerated people).  I feel like she actually has her own style and isn’t just being gimmicky.

Alison Mosshart of The Kills













Ms. Mosshart, Ms. Mosshart.  It’s kind of hard to put a finger on her style, but I think that’s the way she wants it.  In the first picture she looks kind of grunge and then her appearance is more contemporary and urbane…both of which I like.  That last picture, I don’t know.  It reminds of my father’s friend Lucy who has an apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  Something about that outfit makes me think, Jazzfest attendee.  Oh yeah, big up to Lauren for this recommendation.

Please feel free to comment and let me know who else should be added to this list.