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Get Familiar: Her Object Essential

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We all know how a woman’s accessory game is sometimes more important than the actual outfit.  Well, seems like most Graduettes know that.  I mean keffiyehs are cool for women, but there are so many different scarves and knit wraps coming out for “She-Grads” this Fall.  I mean, real talk, women HAVE to have a harder time with accessory-picking.  The gamut of clutches, totes, scarves, belts, jewelry, hats, etc. runs deep like the Yangtze River.  BUT, with the proper fashion flotation device, a woman can survive the overpowering current of decision to show others that her ability to accessorize is strong.  Quote me on that.

u|T|ø Endorses…Margaux Lange

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This female jewelry designer has created pieces of wearable art out of figures from the iconic BARBIE doll line.  I mean SHE USES ACTUAL BARBIE DOLL PARTS.  Some of these pieces are straight out and truly bizarre…but that’s what I like about them.  My favorite pieces are the ones where she has that are centered around Ken’s and Barbie’s 47-year relationship (now that’s love).  In my opinion, this jewelry is an acquired taste and seems to be something that can be taken in small doses.  One critic said that separating women’s bodies into parts perpetuates the objectification of women.  REALLY…not that serious.  Enjoy the art for what it is.  Barbie is Ms. Lange’s muse, so let her do what she does.


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November 12, 2008 at 8:13 am